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this was a Point comishy from a someone on Da |D ill post pic soon xD sorry for the music.. so appretley the other muziek i used was blocked in lots of country's so yeah xD
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Authors Note: This is a sonic fan fic so if u don't like sonic then go away!!!1

Hi, I'mBlack Blood-wing Darkness Queen of Death, but everyone just calls me Darkness.

I am a bat like my sister Rouge, except I'm a special type of bat. A vampire bat.

I have black hair, red and blue eyes (that turn all black and bleed when I'm mad), black make-up, black wings, deathly pale skin, white boots with red hearts on them and white gloves with red on the top.

Today (It was storming btw) I decided to meet my sister. Rouge doesn't like to talk about me much, I think it's because I'm too dark and evil of maybe...
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Just a recap I'm sonic I went too shadow academy but I died a terrifying death my vrienden were sad but we'll stay tuned.

I was looking for my vrienden then I saw tails he zei SONIC YOUR ALIVE!!I replied yes?Tails showed my other friends.they were excited.I went to school and tails got a A+ and a 300/10 for engineering.I went home pagina this time without getting killed.I went to bed.When I woke up a terrifying creature was standing in my room I told it to get out it zei in a scary and deep voice YOU'VE MADE A BIG MISTAKE!!! I was blasted away and a schildpad with a button on his shell zei hello!!when I went to school a guy zei EVERYBODY DO THE FLOP! A muffin a beer and a can of marmite fell on there face.I ran home pagina and zei I gotta stop this then a taco zei WHERE'S MY MONEY!!!!and well this is a cliffhanger so I can't tell u what happened until the volgende one. The end?
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