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Sonic fan Characters Should I post a new roleplay now of wait? (See commentaar section for more)

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 TakTheFox posted een jaar geleden
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NoctusLynx picked Yes:
Well, it's the choice of the person to overwhelm themselves with new roleplays. Shoul you release a new roleplay and those on the current roleplay have not finished yet, it is their choice to enterin the new roleplay and have to juggle both rolplays. Besides, the roleplay isn't going anywhere, and though FanPop doesn't tell you about new comments on answers, Fanpop DOES tell you when a new answer comes in. So, again, the choice falls on the roleplayer. However, the decision of the roleplayer can burden you... So I suppose it just comes down to whether you feel up to the task of checking older questions on top of new questions.
posted een jaar geleden.