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 Blades transformation
Blades transformation
I sat in my zitplaats, stoel watching Rouge.Another note landed on my desk;
Is she crazy?!
and I wrote back;
Rouge was writing that the teacher was annoying as hell and there was something else that was blocked door a box that was in front of me and put her signature on the chalkboard.
I didn't know what else she wrote but I heard Mary and Zero gasp.I wrote on the note;
What does it say???!!!
This time Zero wrote;
u don't wanna know
The rabbits were laughing like crazy.Mary was stirring in her chair.All of a sudden I was trembling.My long hair turned black,my skin turned a light red,my dull red eyes are now glowing,my wings grew thorns on the ends.
This had never happened before...
I had seen Mary transform also into just a white and blue cat...
 Marys transformation
Marys transformation
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