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WARNING! Contains curse words, descriptive violence, and hints of sexual themes. If under 13, DO NOT READ! But enjoy anyways!

The 3 three thieves. Sonic, Shadow, and Silver. They were the
notorious villains. They stal things like food to big valuable things like diamonds. They lived in a shack at the coast of the klok, bell Sea, one of the most famous attractions of Motorville. Sonic was scribbling a image of Motorville. He was basically the mapper of planner, whatever the hell u want to call it. Silver was the tech man of the thugs, he disables all the security devices and such. Shadow was the...
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1. Say that u are in the side of evil.

2. Pay Scourge to say that he would datum them if he were gay.

3. Say that Silver is a dweeb.

4. Kiss them all on their mouths and say that they taste good.

5. Jump in the back of a car and when they all jump in, say this is your car.

6. Say that Blaze, Sally, and Rouge are gay.

7. Give them all high-fives if they lose a race.

8. Eat a chili dog in front of their faces and say, "Sorry, none is left for you!"

9. Play punk rock music.

10. Say that Big was being a peepy-Tom in the boy's bathroom.
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