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posted by amberkinzee
u know you're a Stampy fan if......
1. pronounce the word LOL "lol"
2. u subscribe to both of Stampy's channels, and all of his friends
3. (if not already British) u speak in an accent at random times of the day
4. "lovely jublly" is now an adjective that u use regularly.
5. u call roses lovely jublly love love petals and dandelions sunkiss.
6. u have a sudden craving for cake
7. your giant creeper now has a top, boven hat
8. u love cats
9. u made at least 5 fan art, 4 poems, 3 songs, 2 cakes and 1 video for Stampy
10. u call Stampy "Stamps"
11. u are in his love garden (and if not, u are desperately trying to get in)
12. u named your dog (real life of Minecraft) after one of Stampy's Minecraft dogs.
13. u watched all of his videos even if u don't play half of those games (or heard of them)
14. u downloaded Stampy's Lovely World empty map
15. u learned a bunch of random stuff u never knew about before.
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I'm not going to uploaden every video of this series, I just thought I started posting meer than just Minecraft stuff. Here's episode one, If u like it, u can watch the rest of the series at YouTube.
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