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 Protests against the Jedi
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Source: Clone Wars Celebration Trailer
Taken from the Celebration 6 trailer
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This ster Wars: Clone Wars foto might contain straat, stad scène, stedelijke omgeving, stad straatbeeld, and stedelijke instellen.

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Anakin couldn't stop thinking about Ahsoka. She was meer than a Padawan to him-she was the sister he never had. He tried to purge himself of what he zei earlier, but he couldn't. *I'll contact Ahsoka. Maybe she can-*. The same sentence played over and over in Anakin's restless head. He paced around briefly before stopping at his "post" again. *The order made her want to leave and they know it!* he cursed himself. He wished he had it in him to make Ahsoka stay with the order, and to make the council believe she didn't commit those heinous murders. But what was HE supposed to do at that time?...
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This video is purely fan-made and has NO association with musical artist, Cartoon Network of Lucasfilms company in any way. Everything belongs to their respective owners. My job is edition only. Purpose was to toon action, mostly starfighter battles.
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“What are we going to do?” I asked. I didn’t know what to do; Anakin was injured worse than we thought. But he only got really bad burns and a few other injures, no blood. It must have happened during the battle of not that long ago.
“We’ll get him to safety,” Aayla said. “Some creature must have done this, we’ll figure it out.” I wished we had the makeshift stretcher; it would have been easier to take him to the ship. But he didn’t have it, I was sure we could make another. But we had nothing to build it with, so we lifted Anakin up and took him to the ship. door the time...
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