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Stillclaw, Fuzzyfur, and Pinestar sat back and watched the medicine cats of the past surround the ShiningPool. One was a dark brown tabby tom, named Falconleaf. Falconleaf had been the medicine cat before Honeytail, but he was now with the starry warriors of ShingingStars. With him was a bright white she-cat named Tawnynose(once of EarthClan, but now deceased), a black and gray tom named Darktail(once of StreamClan, now deceased) and a small gray tom named Smallstone(once of AirClan, now deceased). They were pacing around the ShiningPool, glaring into its silver light and trying to see what...
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posted by beliber10
this is starclan if u wonder about your ancestor cats well if u seen your friend dye in a battle then maybe your sad their paws will be guide the paws just as well as u guided them. ster clan is belived to have meany paws walk among the stars each night but they havent stopped guiding u because they will talk to u in your dreams and make u feel happy not lonely and give u instructions on how to guide your own paws and soon u will be guiding many paws as leader every cat goes to starclan