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posted by Aleysha_styles
A bully is just a person who has been bullied before.a bully is someone who need vrienden and less hate in their when u see a bully try not to hart-, hart them back make vrienden with them.invite them to zitplaats, stoel with u and your friends.soon the bully will stop bothering you.
volgende week i going to giving weekly storys about my life and how i stoped being a bully and how i stopped being bullied
well i think i made a new friend she like a sister to me but i dont even know her.She gives me advice about how to make my story better.she makes the best story i ever read and i read alot.I can tell she a true friend because when she writes to me she is so kind and never rude.the person im talking about is fiercestgirl.I never had someone so nice to me besides my family.She doesnt judge me,then again she cant judge me cause she doesnt know what i look like.I want to say thank u for being a fan of my club and a nice person.
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posted by Aleysha_styles
Hi again this time i'm going to tell u how to get throught to your bullies. I know your wondering how i know so much about this well i not going to lie.I get bullied and i use to be a bully myself but back to what i was talking about.When your dealing with a bully u see a big mean person ready to pound u in your face.DONT flintch cause that shows the bully u are scared of him and u toon a bully your easliy scare well i just got to say they will pick on u all the time.Yes usally i would say tell a parenet of a teacher but that will just make it worst.ALWAYS walk in a group of vrienden when your getting bullied cause it the veilig way out.LAST thing u can always find a soft spot in a bully even if thier mean to u be nice to them and invite them to party door then they would stop bullying u and everyone else.
posted by Aleysha_styles
Hi my name is Aleysha. i made this website to help people getting of people who are bullying stop. i know alot about bullying cause i get bullied all the time.I am so use to being so quiet i forget how to speak up for myself.When i getting pushed in lockers of getting punched in the face all the time i just want to slap them so hard but it not going to do anything but make it worst.Yeah somepeople think sewaude is the best way to get away from bullies well let me tell u it won't,all it will do is bring sadness to family and the people around you.That why we have parnets,conselers,and this...
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