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I ran, my breath coming in fast gulps as I raced through the forest.
Horror flashed through in my eyes as I remembered what had occured only moments before. I had returned home pagina after seeing Nightstar, only to find my father waiting for me. I had realzied for the first time, that I was expecting kits, and now my father Ozone, was heading strait for my mate, Nightstar!
I have to save him, I thought desperatly, but how can I? The forest seemed to engulf me, dark shadows seemed to creep beside me as I ran.
Then I herd a shriek, my ears prickled up and my eyes widend with fear, as I reconized...
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 A kit n danger? i must either chose; fight of flight?
A kit n danger? i must either chose; fight or flight?
Stormstar led a border patrol made out of Skyheart, Owlwing, Dreampaw, Bluepaw, Parchpaw, and Foxpaw, around the MidnightClan border. They were about to kruis over in the dry lands of StormClan territory, for at the moment they were over the soggy lands of the small swamp at the MidnightClan border. Then Owlwing lifted his nose and scented the air, his eyes widened with fear as my mates brother turned to me, and whispered, "I can badgers and door the strong scent, theres alot of them!" His voice cracked with fear.
"Should we check it out?" Bluepaw asked, her voice was steady, yet i noticed her...
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I walk into camp, my head and tail high, as many curious faces stair from the dens of StormClan camp. My deputy, MysticHeart, follows along with our medicane cat, Falconwing. I notice Fernstar appear from her den, followed door her deputy Sweetpetal and StormClans medicane cat, Greenpetal comes to stand beside them. "What are u doing here, Leafstar?" Fernstar asked curiously, "I thought you'd be busy tending to your clan, JayClan." I dipped my head in respect to Fernstar, then spoke "greetings, I have somthing to say that is not for all ears." Fernstar flickered her ear in acknoledgement before summoning Leafstar alone, into her hol, den to talk in private.

Not long after both Fernstar and I appeared but neither of us gave away nothing we just dipped our heads to each other then I began the long walk, back to JayClan territory, followed door my trusted deputy and faithful medicane cat.
 Silvercloud visits Stormstar
Silvercloud visits Stormstar
"Stormstar" a voice called, "Stormstar wake up!" Stormstar's eyes flew open and she found herself, standing on an open moor. The gras under her paws felt fresh and newly grown, the dark blue sky above her head was lightend door the shining star's and the bright moons reflection in the river, that was only inches away from her. She jumped to her paws.
Last Stormstar remembered, she was in her den, shifting uncomfertably in her nest. The cold wind leaf-bare wind was sending chils through her skin. Now, she was here, on a moorland in new-leaf.
Then Stormstar saw one of the stars brighten, she...
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To Fernstar and Cats of the Clans;

I must say that everything is falling apart in the Clan world. There are too many conflicts and battles *eyes NightClan, BoneClan, and her Clan for a half seconde and looks away* between the forty-something Clans. Most of the Clans *looks at StormClan and OceanClan* are very eager for the conflict to end. We want peace and freedom beyond StarClan. I now admit that the battle between SolarClan and NightClan was not truly won door SolarClan; but there was no victory over either Clan. We want no further discussion of it; just peace and harmony. This is very important to my Clans, and I hope u consider our offer.

Mistystar, Shadestar, and Honeystar.
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I ran through the forest, my limbs aching, my hart-, hart pumping! I could have sworn I had heartburn! Two wild dogs were on my tail, they were gainging, faster and faster, until...........POW! The bigger wild dog male leaped on me and i found myself crashing down!
"Ha! I got u Wing!" One of the wild dogs exclaimed in victory.
"Shut up Azulan!" I growled at him. Azulan was my idiot brother, who never stopped worshipping himself for two seconds.
Then my other littermate, Rain, caught up with us, her breath heaving. It didnt surprise me for one seconde that she was last to arrive, after all she...
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Ok since u people wanted to ignore me in the forum i'll post it here. i have decided to leave this clan, for the leader stormstar rarely comes on to help her clan of stop them from fights. she only comes on to me when she makes warriors, apprentices, etc. i have gotten tired of the way she leads, no one ever get's in trouble here when they should because it teaches them about respect and shows them how they need to behave so they don't get in trouble again. i also feel like sometimes it isn't a clan because of the random things that go on, this clan sometimes acts like it's a twoleg group,...
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A few moons have past since Sprucepaw, Brushpaw, and Pinefrost had joined StormClan, and Sprucepaw has gotten used to Clan life, although, she wondered where her father has gone, and if he would ever find them. Meanwhile, Sprucepaw and Brushpaw went out to get some water. Sprucepaw noticed that Brushpaw had stopped and was examining some red berries. “Umm, Brushpaw, I don’t think u should eat those. We should just go and get some water as we told Stormstar we were.” Sprucepaw was worried when Brushpaw picked up a couple of berries and almost tried them. He dropped them when she spoke...
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Lilypaw was walking towards the full moon, she was supposed to make it to the large river if she was to meet the great forest cat. Starclan told her to seek the river under the full moon. She had left the clan last night not knowing how far she would have to walk. She decided not to tell the whole clan just Stormstar, Mistyflower, and Fernkit. Finnly she reached the big river. “Hello, Lilypaw” zei a mystic, powerful voice. Then out of the shadows stepped a large cat 3 times bigger then a tom, he had a dusty brown spotted cat with deep gray eyes and short black tipped tail. I’m Moontail...
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Grofica Andjelija Maksimovi', Grof Igor MAksimovic(Rescator), Marta someone daughter. Ivan I Tihomir Maksimovic, hugenoti, pravoslavci, Indijanci, animals...
 This story was written door me, ThunderCat! About my brother, Duskcrow who plays an apprentace called Oddpaw is temporarily being mentored door Mosswing, who is played door me! lol! This is another image my demanding brother asked Stormstar to draw! So drawn door
This story was written by me, ThunderCat! About my brother, Duskcrow who plays an apprentace called Oddpaw is temporarily being mentored by Mosswing, who is played by me! lol! This is another image my demanding brother asked Stormstar to draw! So drawn by
"ok" Mosswing began, "this is your first time alone hunting, are u sure your ready?" Mosswing asked?
"Absolutley, posotivley!" Oddpaw exclaimed excitedly!
Mosswing nodded and walked off to hunt in another part of the area, leaving Oddpaw alone. Oddpaw smiled and sniffed the air for prey but instead, picked up the scent of an intruder.
"Strange scent" Oddpaw comented, "smells of rotten crowfood and a she-cat."
Oddpaw sneaked through the undergrowth then pounced on the surprised she-cat. Oddpaw narrowed his pale blue eyes at her. She was medium sized, not to younge not to old, her silver fur...
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Stormstar stood, her tail high and her throat rumbling in a purr. She was standing on nothing surrounded door the night sky, and cornered door fog and mist.
Stormstar knew that she was dreaming, as a familiar and recent scent engulfed her. It made her feel strangley calm and safe.
Then one of the stars began to verplaats toward her, it was the brightest ster in the sky. Stormstar didnt need to be told twice who it was, she already knew.
Then as the ster was a mouse-length away from her, the brightnes fadded as a roze nose touched her black nose. She opened her eyes and saw Nightstar! His glossy...
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The pain is unlike anything i ever felt.I felt pain before ;the loss of my mother who ive loved dearly,the hauntings of my father and his clawing,find out the father i thought i shared a blood connection wasnt real and even fights but this pain i will never be able to earse from my memories.The pain of the claws tearing deep down into my youthful flesh as white dot glittered my eyes.The bites were horriable as well;they felt like jagged rocks ramming into my skin.I suddenly felt sympathy for all the pray that i and everyone killed since it must have felt similar.My mind raced and was trying...
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