Studio Ghibli Favourite Male Character?

Pick one:
The Baron*The Cat Returns
Muta*The Cat Returns
Toto*The Cat Returns
The Cat King*The Cat Returns
Prince Lune*The Cat Returns
Natoru*The Cat Returns
Natori*The Cat Returns
Seita*Grave of the Fireflies
Horus*Horus: Prince of the Sun
Grunwald*Horus: Prince of the Sun
Potom*Horus: Prince of the Sun
Koro*Horus: Prince of the Sun
Chiro*Horus: Prince of the Sun
Toto*Horus: Prince of the Sun
Howl*Howl's Moving kasteel
Markl*Howl's Moving kasteel
raap Head/Prince Justin*Howl's Moving kasteel
Calcifer*Howl's Moving kasteel
Heen*Howl's Moving kasteel
Jiji*Kiki's Delivery Service
Tombo*Kiki's Delivery Service
Mr. Osono*Kiki's Delivery Service
Pazu*Laputa: kasteel in the Sky
Colonel Muska*Laputa: kasteel in the Sky
Uncle Pomme*Laputa: kasteel in the Sky
Henri*Laputa: kasteel in the Sky
Lui*Laputa: kasteel in the Sky
Charles*Laputa: kasteel in the Sky
Totoro*My Neighbour Totoro
Mr. Kusakabe*My Neighbour Totoro
Kanta*My Neighbour Totoro
Jhil*Nausicaa and the Valley of the Wind
Mito*Nausicaa and the Valley of the Wind
Teto*Nausicaa and the Valley of the Wind
Porco Rosso*Porco Rosso
Donald Curtis*Porco Rosso
Mr. Piccolo*Porco Rosso
Ashitaka*Princess Mononoke
Okkotonushi*Princess Mononoke
Jigo*Princess Mononoke
Shishi-gami (The Forest Spirit)*Princess Mononoke
Kohroku*Princess Mononoke
Yakul*Princess Mononoke
Moro's Son's*Princess Mononoke
Haku*Spirited Away
No-Face*Spirited Away
Kamajii*Spirited Away
Bou*Spirited Away
Arrren*Tales from Earthsea
Sparrowhawk*Tales from Earthsea
Lord Cob*Tales from Earthsea
Hare*Tales from Earthsea
Sugimura*Whisper of the hart-, hart
Shirou Nishi*Whisper of the hart-, hart
Moon*Whisper of the hart-, hart
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