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I'd advise reading link first...

Rocket finds Baby Doll and tells her to stay where she is. She says goodbye and thanks her for helping her sister escape when no one else did, not even her. Rocket says that soon, she will fade like Amber, but assures Baby Doll she will still always be watching, even if she can't be seen. Baby Doll accepts this, and asks about Sweet Pea. Rocket says that Blue's with her, but she'll be okay. Baby Doll asks if Rocket knew the Wise Man's plan all along, and Rocket says that once she died, he told her that all along only one could earn "the kind of freedom they want"....
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Producer: Zack Snyder

What its about: A girl, Baby Doll, along with her friends, must find 5 items to escape their mental institution.

Critics' thoughts: They don't like the video game-like plot and its too confusing with so many alternate realities.

Beginning: A narrator says; "Everyone has an angel. A guardian who watches over us. We can't know what form they'll take. One day, old man. volgende day, little girl. But don't let appearances fool you. They can be as fierce as any dragon. Yet they're not here to fight our battles… but to whisper from our heart… reminding that it's us. It's everyone...
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 "And the first thing is! Dont get mad about this.."
"And the first thing is! Dont get mad about this.."
Sweet Pea: Everyone has an angel.. A guardian that watches over us. We can't know what form the'll take. One day, Old man.. volgende day, Little girl. But don't let appearances full you, They could be as fierce as any dragon.. But they arnt here to fight our battles, But to whisper from our hearts.. Reminding thats its us.. That is everyone one of us, That holds the power of the worlds we create.

Sweet Pea: Hey, Whats the purpose of this show? Its to turn people on, Okay? I got the school girl, I even got the helpless mental patient, That could be hot! But This, lobotomized vegitible?

Rocket: Come...
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posted by HottiTorriGurl
I loved this movie, but part of it really confused me. So in the movie it shows that it is a mental home. Then it shows the girls in the uniforms attacking each other. Then it shows BabyDoll about to be labotimized. Then all of a sudden its sweet erwt in the chair? And all of a sudden the girls are Hookers and Showgirls? Wtf! Did BabyDoll imagine the whole thing? of did it really happen? And if it did really happen then why did it toon her about to be labotimized? Is she imagining it happening to her?
This part really confuses me. If u understand it please help me out and post a comment! I would really appritiate it! Thanks
So I'll give u the story.

Me and one of my vrienden where talking about wanting to see this movie at lunch last year.(This was a before I saw the movie)

And my other friend (Who was talking to someone esle) comes out on no where saying: 
"You guys wanna go see Suckerpunch. Why? It's just girls in skimpy outfits fighting shit! It's just a guys fucking fantasy. Like come on. It's just fucking sick."

I just moved on with out saying any thing to her. Now that I have seen the movie this commentaar makes me kind of mad.

I don't really believe that it goes deeper than a "Boy's fucking fantasy". I think...
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posted by elstef
Sucker stempel, punch has been playing on cable lately, so I have been watching it again. The first time that I rewatched it I wasn't sure what was "real" and what wasn't (well, I knew the war zone scenes were in Babydolls head). Then I saw that someone on IMDB geplaatst the theory that Babydoll and Sweetpea are the same person. At first I took them as being metaphorical, but I am watching the movie now, and that theory actually connected alot of dots for me (especially why Sweetpea was wearing a Babydoll wig in her skit).
When we first see Sweetpea, she is door herself on stage, and Rocket, Blondie, and...
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sucker stempel, punch is the best movie ever...i saw it in theaters and it was great....if u have seen it then commentaar on this artical.....its kinda weird at first but then it gets great and i think anyone who see's it will love if its so great...the weird part is that their dancers but while they dance they dream that they are in fake worlds where they fight bad things and its weird but thats what makes the movie good....and u should see if u haven't already have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by orkneymatrix

When the cook attacks Sweet Pea, Rocket, beloved sister, is bold enough to take the mes instead, sacrificing herself for Sweet. How sweet.

Following Blondie telling Blue of all of their antics, Blue pulls out a gun during his confrontation with the girls and shoots Amber, right there, knowing of her involvement.

Despite her snitching, Blondie's end soon follows Amber as Blue shoots her, too -- after all, she didn't tell him immediately, so that's done wrong in his book...

Only one can escape. Seeing her chance, Baby Doll sends Sweet erwt away and waits to be collected. A lobotomy...
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Critics: 23% Positive.
Average Rating: 4.1/10
Reviews: 202
- Positive - 47
- Negative - 155

Audience: 47% Positive.
Average Rating: 3/5
Ratings: 92,757

"It's technically impressive and loaded with eye-catching images, but without characters of a plot to support them, all of Sucker Punch's visual thrills are for naught."


Gun-toting hotties combat assorted villains and their robot henchmen in this tawdry, repellent action fantasy.

Snyder likes to think that his Russian nesting doll of a concept is enough to excuse its hollow center.

It's close to what Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez were...
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Action scenes: In Baby Doll's head, when she's asked to perform an "alluring" dance, in a way to escape reality.

Dance: "Let everything go." = dissociate. Action scene vaguely reflects reality.

Baby Doll's body: What she wears during her fantasy sequences reminds everyone how she is being used for her body.

Wise Man: He will lead her to her "freedom." He knows the through that whilst she fights for liberty, he is leading her towards a labotomy.

Action scene #1: Japan.

Action scene #2: Germany.

White Rabbit song: Mind control context... "One pill makes u larger / And one pill makes u small / And...
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ok, so what if there was a sucker stempel, punch 2? well, this is what i'd do with it...

Following her lobotomy, Baby Doll keeps having strange action-sequence dreams. After a while, she reaches the Wise Man who tells her that in the afterlife, Blondie has been condemned to 5 years of being a prisoner for betraying the others, Amber faded quietly into oblivion, never to be heard from of seen again, and Rocket is trying to find a way to communicate with Sweet Pea. Baby Doll is shocked to realise she knows who they all are and what he's talking about.
As Baby Doll wakes up, Blue tries to seduce her, telling...
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First Impressions: Empowerment. Women fighting back. Double speak = mind control. Fight for freedom. Rebellion and freedom. "Guide" = "Agent of liberation."
Look Again: Escape and dissociation. "Guide" = "A handler who owned the keys to her psyche, guiding her into the fracturing of her personality."

Final Words: Narrator. "Who honors those we love with the very life we live? Who sends monsters to kill us and at the same time sings that we'll never die? Who teaches us what's real and how to laugh at lies? Who decides why we live and what we'll die to defend? Who chains us? And who holds the key that can set us free?" Self-determination of a beschrijving of the handler's control of the slave's psyche?
"It's you. u have all the weapons u need. Now fight." Recall of what Baby Doll zei previously.

Techniques: Illusion. Deceit. Double-speech.
After the death of their Mother, their Stepfather discovers from the mother's will that she left everything to her two daughters. Enraged that he worked so hard to swoon the mother over and then married her only to be left nothing, he gets a bottle of unidentified alcohol and drinks. He gets so drunk that he heads for the girls' rooms and just as Babydoll is leaving out of her sister's room, he decides to attack Babydoll and possibly try to rape her. He doesn't succeed and then turns his sights on Babydoll's sister, so he locks Babydoll in her room and then proceeds to carry out his diabolical...
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"Everyone has an angel.. A guardian that watches over us. We can't know what form the'll take. One day, Old man.. volgende day, Little girl. But don't let appearances full you, They could be as fierce as any dragon.. But they arnt here to fight our battles, But to whisper from our hearts.. Reminding thats its us.. That is everyone one of us, That holds the power of the worlds we create."

"We can deny our angels exist... Convince ourselves they couldnt be real.. But they toon up anyway.. At strange places and at strange times..They can speak through any character we can imagen.. Daring us.. Challenging...
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Tyler Bates is the muziek producer for Sucker Punch. With meer than 49 films and 17 years scoring movies, film composer Tyler Bates is at the forefront of innovation in film music. Bates continuously provides ambient electronic textures, intoxicating vocal melodies and driving hypnotic rhythms, including the new rock n' roll themed soundtrack for Conan The Barbarian, releasing on August 16.

His work has appeared in countless films and televisie shows: The dag the Earth Stood Still, Showtime's hit series Californication, Dawn of the Dead, Halloween, Slither and The Devil's Rejects, 300 & Watchmen. He's also composed for numerous videogames such as Army of Two: The 40th dag and Activision's Transformers.

Bates will engage in a discussion with the GRAMMY Museum's Executive Director Bob Santelli, and will take vragen from the audience and instruct a live composing demonstration.

Monday, August 15th 2011 8pm
Doors Open at 7:30PM

Tickets available at
Blue runs the Lennox Asylum. He is the one who takes in all the girls. He was going to lobotomize Babydoll in 5 days after being bribed door the stepfather so she could neither inform the authorities of what really happen to her sister death nor reclaim her deceased mother's fortune. In those 5 days Babydoll trys to escape, and Blue senses somethings wrong, and ultimetly hears Blondie tellin Madame Gorski what happened. So just before the toon he gives a talk on "trust" and promptly kills Amber for stealing the lighter from the mayor and kills Blondie for being a "snitch". He asks everyone to leave the room but Babydoll, and trys to rape her but is not able to as she stabs him and takes his master key,although Babydoll does not go out Sweet erwt does. After Babydoll got lobotomized, he tried to rape her for stabbing him but Madame Gorski called the police and Blue was taken away for unauthorized lobotomy and raping.