Summer Glau Summer can be famous in the world?

xie7711120 posted on Aug 30, 2008 at 09:11PM
I am a Chinese and my English was not very well .
I think she will not ,but I think she is a most pretty I seeing.

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een jaar geleden solonbs-brazil said…
hi, xie 7711120,
l am solon from brazil, and my english was not very well too. but, a l love summer, she is amaizing. you see Serenty!. for me she the famous of world, today.
see you later, solon
een jaar geleden solonbs-brazil said…
hi, xie, I sent two emails for you... I believe what you can not see or not received.. give a look in your folder of the eletronic trash (of the your email), my email can have go to it. you can send-me your adress in china, and I can send post cards of my city, ok. I not forget you and continue waiting your response ok . see you later. your brasilian friend.
sorry for my bad english..
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