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posted by pearlxashxdawn
It was a bright sunny day
Alone again was a price to pay
I was used to this actually
I wish I have a friend to play with and be free
But alas, I have none
Thinking: What have I done?
Then came along a short girl
She was cute cause of her long curls
She approached me and wanted to be friends
"Yeah right, do u want the world to end?"
"Go away and don't bother me"
I walked away and she was...following me?!
I liked her determination so we befriended
She is so cute, I intended
I asked her name, the reply was SoonKyu
I should give her a nickname like LuLu
I looked at her; she was like a bunny
AHA! I should nickname her Sunny Bunny


Originally by: pearlxashxdawn