Super Mario Bros. A Visit From Luigi

Saturnluv39 posted on Nov 05, 2009 at 02:00AM
I have a friend named Luigi. He’s 10 years old, 1 year older than me. I live in New York, and Luigi lives in Rome, the capital of Italy. But that doesn’t stop us from having fun together. Because right now, I’m chatting with him on the computer. That’s how we communicate. My chat name is Megnut3927. His is LuigifromItaly.

Megnut3927: What is your favorite kind of pasta Luigi?

LuigifromItaly: I like them all, because they are all pretty much the same. I like spirals the most because they look very interesting. What is your favorite kind?

Megnut3927: My favorite is pastina and the Spongebob shaped ones. Spongebob is a TV character.

LuigifromItaly: I want to visit New York sometime, because there seem to be so many amazing things you talk about. Especially the Statue Of Liberty and Times Square.

Megnut3927: Hey, that’s a great idea! You really should come soon, for about 1 or 2 weeks! Maybe over this Summer! It’s June 24th, here today!


LuigifromItaly: Oh, Megan, that would be a great idea!
I can’t wait to see you! But we need permission from our parents.

Megnut3927: You’re right, Luigi. We would need permission because this is big. I’m going to ask my parents now. See you later Luigi.

LuigifromItaly: Me too. Goodbye.

“Mom, I was just talking to Luigi, and he said it would be great to come to America and see me soon! I think it would be good too! What do you think, Mom? Can he come? Please, can he come?” I’m pleading to my mom. “Well, it would be very nice, and exciting for you and Luigi. But coming all the way from Italy to America is very far.” Mom says. “We would have to do a lot of planning. Why don’t you talk to him in an hour and ask him what his parents say.” So I go back to my room and start to play on the computer. I can’t wait to ask Luigi what his mom and dad said.

Meanwhile, downstairs, Dad comes back from the store. “Hello, Frank, do you have the Pepsi and Hot Dog Buns?” Mom asks Dad. “Yeah, I got ‘em.”
“Oh, Megan asked Luigi – you know, that boy she talks to on the computer from Italy – about visiting us in America. He said he would. What do you think?”


“I like the idea. Seems cool, but it would take a
lot of planning.” “Just what I told her.”

“Mom, Dad, I just talked to Megan, and we were talking about me coming to America for 1 or 2 weeks!” says Luigi. “What do you think?”
“I think it’s a good idea.” Says his mom. “So do I. I say you are allowed to go.” Says his dad.
“Okay, I’ll go talk to her.” Says Luigi. Luigi goes on the computer and talks to me.

Megnut3927: Hi, Luigi, what did your mom say?

LuigifromItaly: It’s a great idea. I can go!

Megnut3927: Great! My Mom and Dad said it’s O.K. too!
LuigifromItaly: Bye, I’m going to pack my suitcase.

Megnut3927: O.K. bye.


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