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posted by surfergal
I remembered that Edward could read minds so as I was running I was screaming Edward! Help! Soon I was in so much I couldn't stand running anymore so I slowed down as I was still screaming at Edward. I was breathing so heavy that it hurt my ribs to breathe. If Edward couldn't hear me through his mind maybe he could actually hear me so I screamed his name. Soon the guy that was following me was right in front of me with his hand over my mouth saying don't scream you'll
scare the animals away. I moved back cause I needed to breathe through my mouth.
I asked the boy who he was.
He told me his...
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posted by surfergal
I found Jasper and he ask me why I was so nervous I told him that a boy just walks through the house without even knocking.
He zei oh that's Jacob he umm is umm talk to Alice about it please...
Okay I said.
So I went and found Alice sitting on the divan, bank watching Nessie and this stranger play with her. I went and sat door Alice and wispered in her ear asking who was this boy. She told me that this is Jacob Black and that's when he looked over and I finally figured out where I saw him it was at the diner back when I was in the coast guard. He
said nice to meet u again Addi. I zei u too. Alice...
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posted by surfergal
Addi’s POV

Me and Renesme were having fun at scrabble she was so smart it was amazing. Luckily Edward and Bella walked through the door and that ended our game. Although Renesme zei "she wasn't going to let me forget that she beat me at scrabble". Bella told me that "Esme and Carlisle would like to see me at the house", so I told "Renesme that I would be back later to play with her some more".

When I reached the house Carlisle and Esme were waiting for me in the living I was scared that they were going to tell me that something was
wrong of that I was going to have to leave. Carlisle started...
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posted by surfergal
When I walked in the room Edward asked “if I would like to have a piano lesson”?
I zei “I would love too”.
We walked over to the piano and we sat down on the bench and he pulled out kanon in D Major I was so happy I loved this song. We sat at the piano for nearly an uur and door that time I was playing the first 4 measures. I was so excited!
I told him “thanks”.
We will go over meer tomorrow. Edward told me. Emmet was making fun if me because as I got up off the bench I stretched my back and hurt my ribs.
I ask “Emmet why every time I do something”?
“because u make everything...
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posted by surfergal
Later that evening one of there sons and daughters dropped door my room to meet me. They introduce themselves as Jasper Hale and Alice Cullen. They were so cute they held hands I quickly new that the loved each other and I didn't think that was weird cause they weren't related.

The volgende morning well it was meer like the afternoon but when I woke up Jordan and Max were in the room. I was happy to see them cause I
missed them. I told them that I was getting to stay with the Cullen’s for a little bit they seemed pretty happy too.

They had to leave pretty soon cause they had a curfew during the...
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posted by surfergal
Addi’s POV

When I woke up I didn't know where I was I started to freak out. But then I saw the doctor so I calm down. He told me his name was Dr.
Cullen and that I was in the hospital and if u remembered anything.
I told him “that I remembered Sergeant straal, ray kicking and punching me”.
I ask if “Jordan of Max were okay”?
He zei that “they were not hurt in any way”.
I was happy to hear that.
I then ask “what happen to Sergeant Ray”?
He told me that “he is in jail”.
I was majorly happy about that because Sergeant straal, ray seemed like a pervert. He was creepy.
He also zei “that I...
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posted by surfergal
Max's POV
When we rushed in Sergeant straal, ray office and I saw Addi lying there on the floor anger just rushed over me. Sergeant straal, ray quickly tried to
fight us but between the both of us we had him pinned down on the floor within seconds. As Jordan was holding Sergeant straal, ray on floor I
rushed over to Addi. I checked to see if she was breathing and that made me a little calmer but not enough. So I grabbed the phone on the bureau and called 911. When the police and ambulance arrived I was happy because I knew that she was going to be okay and Sergeant straal, ray was going
to jail. Jordan and I had to stay on campus we weren't allowed to leave.
posted by surfergal
When we were done treading water it was about 5 am and we got to dry off and go eat breakfast I think everyone was hungry. We went to class
afterward for what it seemed like forever but we watched a few videos and answered some vragen so of wasn't that bad. Then we all went
for a jog. It was so cold outside that u could see your breath. We had ran about 2 miles when I started to have trouble breathing. I was
like great. So I fell behind some of the others and Senior Chief was pulling up the so I fell back behind him a little bit.
He asked “if I was okay” he zei “that he could hear...
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posted by surfergal
When I got to the hospital I gave them all of my information but I didn't tell them that I was in the coast guard cause I new that they
would call Senior Chief and tell him that I'm in the hospital and that would lead to being kicked out. So I got x-rays and they told me nothing serious happened that it was just cracked so they could bandage my ribs up tight to keep it from hurting as bad.

When I got back to the base it was time to get up so we got in bed acting like we had been asleep for a couple of hours. That was the hardest dag ever we had to swim do sit-ups and run. I'm not suppose to...
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posted by surfergal
As the weeks went on one Sergeant didn't like me I could tell he was always making me work harder. His name was Sergeant Ray. He was weird.
Me and Max formed a brother sister kind of relation ship through the weeks and I told him about the way Sergeant straal, ray was toward me.
Max zei “that be wouldn’t let him harm me in any way”.
That night Senior Chief Randal came and woke us up around 3 am to teach us about hypothermia. We had to get in a cold pool full of ice in none other 5 degree weather. In 15 minuten we felt the full effect of it. I could barely walk. Once we got out Sergeant straal, ray wanted...
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posted by surfergal
I had to wake up at 3:30 in the morning just to get to the airport on time. When I was leaving I had a duffel bag and that's it, I got a couple of stares as I walked door people and then some people zei thank u and of course I had to be blond and ask why they zei thank you. They quickly responded door saying I thought u were in the military. I zei I'm joining the Coast Guard and that's when they would say u are still keeping our Country safe. After that I didn't say anything I just smiled politely.

Soon it was time for me to bored my plane. I was being trained in Washington State, of all...
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