Sword Art Online Who wants to sign a petition to create sword art online?

milesims posted on Dec 17, 2014 at 10:07AM

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een jaar geleden Kasuto-Kiriguia said…
like to create a VRMMO? here is the thing, that could literally take 10 fucking years. The cost of the nerve gear would be beyond $1000 dollars. And with the show being about how that goes wrong would it sell. The fans would also have high expectations for the game. In total ya i would, if they were to add in A.I Npc characters from the show that would make it a double yes for me
turiarteaga commented…
u should do a little research about that because technology may not be as advanced as in the SAO world right now but we are making improvements when it comes to VR and there are a few SAO JRPG games for PS3 and PS4 that toon many of the things we like about the anime. And even meer the auteur of SAO approved a VR game exactly like SAO that is currently under production but they already finished the 1st floor and created the fighting mechanics. From that to an actual VRMMO we are not 10 years away from it, I would say that it is closer than u may think. een jaar geleden