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My log: June 13, 2008

Me and my vrienden heard a story of the tails doll living in a shack on top, boven of the hills, the shack may not look like it, but it used to be a hotel back many years ago, before i was even born. It was one of the best looking with the best hospitality ever until that cursed day... a little child stumbled into the hotel he had serious deep cut marks and a pair of knives in him, straight through both lungs, with him he dragged a blood soaked tails plush doll a nurse bandaged his wounds and tried everything, but nothing succeeded. His last few words were "please do not waste...
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a dark night i was watching peeeeeeewdiepie playing sonic.exe i turned around and saw a doll that looked like tails the fox. 1 seconde later it dissapeared i zei "WHAT THE WHAT!?" i turned back to the screen of the computer 1 min later the video stoped and i played sonic R for 10 mins until i zei "YES I UNLOCKED TAILS DOLL YEAH! wait a second" *flashback* "that doll that was on my bed... IT WAS TAILS DOLL!" *flashback ends* the doll was behind me but this time it had some thing with it "huh? whats this" i picked it up it was a red gem that looked like the one on tails doll "IM RICH!" i zei in joy i heard water like blood my hands were coverd in blood it was my blood...