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Corría el año de 1983 en Los Angeles, California (EUA), la policía se encuentra con la escena de lo que fue una masacre. El resultado: 5 muertos y 2 heridos. Lo más impactante no fue el descubrimiento, sino el mismo ambiente de la escena del crimen. En el pecho de uno de los cadáveres escrito con lo que al parecer fue un cuchillo estaba la leyenda: "TD". Las mismas letras escritas en sangre sobre las paredes del lugar del asesinato. En cuanto a los sobrevivientes, ellos nunca volvieron a ser los mismos. Sufrían de alucinaciones constantes y convulsiones. Cuando al parecer uno de ellos...
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It was 11:30 P.M. and I was just about to go to sleep. My room was dead silent, and the only thing u could hear was the rats under my floorboard making a mess as usual.

I crawled into bed and rested. Well, at least for about 5 minutes. I woke up and heard a noise coming out of the kitchen. I immediately dismissed it as the rats just doing whatever rats do like always so I tried to go back to sleep.

The noise was still there. Only louder this time.

Eh, I was thirsty anyways. So I went into the keuken-, keuken to get some limonade and see what all the ruckus was about and what I saw nearly scared me...
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once people dicovered that i kill people they sent cops after me it was to easy i used telkineses and blasted them all backon i got threw ALOT of cops i then saw choppers so i fled up to the choppers and slammed it to te ground. after that i saw five choppers i blasted all of them whith my beam. then the swat army came and ten choppers so i quikly got ahold of one of the chopper and then smashed on of the swat people then i threw four of there dead bodies at the choppers they blew up. then tanks and 20 chopper were here so i killed on of the people in the tanks i used it and cobined it whith my power then shot everything it worked and before they sended recons i disipeard and flyed away down to my lair and didnt com out.
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best video of tails doll ever!!
AT THE ORPHANAGE.REPORTER:WE'ER HERE AT THE SIGHT OF ANOTHER CHILDS MURDER.TAILS:Hmmmm...Silver:guys I found him.Knuckles:Come on Tails we have to go.Tails:Ok:[.At the chaotixs base.Eggman:Please help.Espio:Why should we?Eggman pulls out a wad of cash.Vector:Thats good enough for me.At ???s base.Metalsonic:sir...????:Please Im your friend please call me....TAILS DOLL.At sonics house.Sonic:When are they gonna get here?Cream:Hmmmmm.Sonic:Cream that was a retorical question.Cream:Whats a retorlical question?Sonic:Hhhhhhh.TO BE CONTINUED....

ok i was lying but it did have shere stupidity.
posted by zequi9
" The Tails Doll is a myth that was formed years geleden when in The Angels, California, a mother found his dead son while there was playing in his console Sega Saturn "Sonic R". The mother on having done his declaration zei that the child was spending it to him a lot of time playing his console, and that this obsessed in spite of extracting a "doll" of something like that, when it called it door third time to be going to have avondeten, diner in the evening of the " dag of action of graces ", the child was not answering and to seem to him to be strange, because habian come his grandparents to having dinner...
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We stood there... well blood was driping out of my mouth. "Well don't you?" he asked again, "...maybe we do maybe we don't!" I anwsered. "If that is true then why do u have such a blank face?" He asked, I remained silent and saw that I was getting cold. I was terrified I began to shake and my fingers ached from the cold, "Are u cold child?" He asked. I was still silent and saw my vrienden where getting even meer scared, "Run!" I wispered to them. "We'r not leaving u!" Meriha wispered back, I sighed and turned back to the doll "If I am your master then let us all go now!" I demanded. "I am...
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