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posted by mhs1025
u were playing a song door one of your favoriete muziek acts, and your boyfriend, Taylor, happened to be in the same room as you. He listened to u sing and strum your gitaar as he relaxed in a recliner after a long dag of filming. u didn't notice him until after u got done, though. As u put your gitaar up, u heard something strange. u looked and looked around. Then, u saw Taylor, passed out and snoring. He had fallen asleep to the sound of your voice.

u never thought u had a good voice. u never thought u had a bad voice either. u thought u sounded OK. Taylor LOVED hearing u sing, however. u couldn't take your eyes off of how adorable he looked. His mouth was nearly a quarter open, which only made him look that much cuter. u eventually got a blanket and covered him up with it. u planted a light kiss on his head before walking out so u could let him sleep.
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posted by maritina12345
 “I have no one currently. Sad,” Taylor admitted.
“I have no one currently. Sad,” Taylor admitted.
The 19-year-old cutie was on the talk toon to promote Breaking Dawn, of course!

It was actually domestic arts leader Martha Stewart (the seconde guest on the show) who questioned Taylor about his love live.

“I have no one currently. Sad,” zei Taylor. Ladies, sounds like Taylor might be looking for a girl! Who do u think Taylor should date?

Taylor Lautner made a lot of people very happy Nov. 2. After the 19-year-old Twilight homp, stoere binken had already finished his interview with vlaamse gaai, jay Leno, Jay’s other guest, Martha Stewart asked the one vraag on everyone’s mind: is he single?

“I have no one currently. Sad,” Taylor admitted. Meanwhile, the crowd went nuts.

According to our on-set spy, Taylor also dished about his new facial hair while the cameras were off. “I just like the stubble,” he said, when vlaamse gaai, jay asked if he was planning on growing a beard. “I like having a five o’clock shadow.”

Which Jacob moment are u most looking vooruit, voorwaarts to in Breaking Dawn?