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Hello Swifties, it's me again and today, I'll be talking about why I think we should do a Taylor snel, swift marathon on MTV. But before I begin talking about why I think MTV needs to air a Taylor snel, swift marathon. Here's the artikel that was made door uithangbord straat Journal. That artikel is called For Taylor Swift, the Future of muziek Is a Love Story - The Singer-Songwriter Says Artists and fans Will Still Form Deep Bonds, but They Will Do It in New Ways. This was tying in to the uithangbord straat Journal's 125th anniversary. Here, I'll give u the link to see it.


OK, I hope u enjoy this article.

Now, as...
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Taylor first revealed she was cutting her hair on Feb. 11 via an Instagram video and the results were amazing! We know the real reason why she decided to chop it all off — find out below!
Taylor Swift, 24, sat in a chair smiling while almost 30 vrienden and family watched her cut her hair backstage after a London concert on Feb. 11. Her haircut has been very well received but why did she do it? We’re spilling on her thought process below!

Why Did Taylor snel, swift Cut Her Hair Short? — Reason Behind The Big Chop
A bron close to Taylor told HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY: ”Taylor had hair extensions...
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