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she looked out over the east adlantic sea and felt a little hope that she would be like everybody else oneday. without thiking she steped into the surf and kept walking slowly ferther and ferther into the sea. all she could scense was the cool night air tugging her fringe slightly like a child desperate to play. her green eyes looking out over the sea like she was waiting for somthing. She was almost neck deap when her mother yelled at her to come out of the water She did as her mother asked. Later she was sitting in front of her brand looking at a Greek mythology book for school this is stupid...
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she looked out of the window to the real world.She felt a pang of pain inside her heart. she looked away she couldn't beer it anymore. Watching all the normall children play and have fun. It hurt. She turned to page 26 in her greek mythology book and read silently. She didn't know why she bothered she was dislexek anywhy and A.D.H.D. meaning she couldn't read the story without the letters flying off the page so she just looked a the pictrues of nymphs and naids and felt a feeling of belonging inside of thoses pages. as she flicked through the book the happy feeling grew and grew inside her...
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