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Love the DxG forever
posted by duncanfan777
Grade 7

Teacher- attention students there is a new student coming in to our class
Duncan-*thinking* great she's probably gonna be ugly like all the girls in our class
Gwen walks in
Gwen- hi guys!
Duncan has a shocked look on his face
Duncan-* thinking* this girl is H O T!
Every one except Duncan- hi Gwen. They zei with a bored and tired voice
Duncan still has a shocked look on his face and didn't say anything but was staring at Gwen.
Gwen notices Duncan and smiles at him
Duncan smiles back
Teacher- ok Gwen take a zitplaats, stoel where ever u want
Gwen- OK!
Gwen quickly runs to zitplaats, stoel beside Duncan
Duncan- hey...
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posted by TwistedXmo
This is Episode 28:Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island

After when Courtney leaves Duncan alone.

Duncan's P:O:V


Sitting back hearing the frogs bye lake, crashing my ears. Seeing Noah running like a little girl after I ripped his shorts off of hem while sitting down,thinking im just like a dead man.. sitting here while everybody else is getting a chance to win a million big one's. What was Courtney's deal anyways? I risked my life fighting a big alligator for us. of so I think. Was Courtney even gonna let me share...
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posted by gwenlover15
7th grade class (duncan is 13 and gwen is 12)
*class klok, bell rings*
Duncan-aw crap schools starting
teacher-ok everyone please take your seats
*everyone takes there seat*
teacher-we have a new student today
duncan-*sighs* oh great another kid
teacher-duncan u dont know who she is yet
duncan-*eyes widen* its a she!?!
teacher-uh yes shes a she
duncan-oh cool *thought* I hope shes not as ugly like everyone else here....exept me
teacher-Ok everyone may I introduce Gwen
*Gwen walks into the class and looks around*
Duncan-*eyes widen and thinks* wow shes...amazing
*Gwen sees Duncan and giggles*
teacher-Ok Gwen you...
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