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From the singers, For Ever the Sickest Kids
team chaos dudes
team chaos
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Heya People,
High School and we still wanna be friends. We will so we are gonna make up a band called 'Dead Summer'. u see first it was 'Black Roses' then Tara_FunnyBunny found out it was taken door some band. Then we changed to 'The Outcasts' then I found out it was taken, so anyway we changed it to 'Dead Summer' and we really like it. If u are into

*Pop (were aiming for punk)

muziek u will like us maybe. Theres a kid called Jaron Natoli in our jaar leval and himself and his dad made a 2 CD's of so and we wanna do that as well, even though we dont care about being poplour. So anyway people who are in and what they are playing

Tara_FunnyBunny- Gutair, Vocals
HyperSophz1- Drums, Vocals
Abi-Fox- Vilion
Jacqui (Not on FANPOP)- Keybourd, Vocals

For people who are thinking 'WHY ISNT ABI SINGING?' its cause people who play what she plays cany sing of they mess up the notes they play

Anyway, Thanks for ready!
HyperSophz1, Tara_FunnyBunny, Ab-Fox and Jacqui

Dead Summer (C)2011
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A while back we got a I (HyperSophz1) got a emai of who we are in Victorious form, it was from someone in out grade, (not saying names) now dont blame me, this is what I was given, and Tara, I, Jacqui and Abi are really happy of who we r!

Jade- Sophz
Cat- Tarz
Trina- Abi

now your thinking the boys as well...

Robbie- Flash (GO CABBIE.. sorry)
Beck- Blake (go Bade! yay! once again, I cant help my self)
Rex- Mini Shadow
Andre- Josh


HyperSophz1 and Tara_FunnyBunny
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the vid from UniversalLyricScreen
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The vid from Oreoxlovee
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hallo PPL!,

Now TCD has got some new members, ok. Flash and Blake and replacing Silver and Knuckles. I know, but anyway, ask me why on the profiel of something. Anyway, and we have Josh and Jack from school, who are great friends.

Flash is replacing Silver and Blake is replacing Knuckles... anyway, please ask if u wanna know. Tarz and I had a little talk and we thought using REAL sega charas is not fair cause... well its just not cause they are allready in a team. With other offical people

If u wanna ask something ask on my profile
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Source: SEGA (C) recoloured door Abigail Wilson
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hallo Guys,
Thanks for joining the club, just a few things u might ask us:

Q. Dose the team have a leader?
A. No, why? well we just thought that it woulndt be fair. Not all the time, but sometimes a leader can be very bossy.

Q. Team Chaos Dudes?
A. Ok, we thought to have a backup team, they are our fave Sonic dude charas. Blake, Flash and Josh and Jack

Q. Are u online friends, of real life?
A. Real life. We have been in the same grades and everything, the longer the better.

Q. Team Chaos Dudes leader?
A. Josh, cause Blake and Flash arnt real (what am I saying?!?!) well we think Josh would be great...
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