The 100 (TV Show) The 100's 30 dag Challenge

Stelenavamp posted on May 04, 2016 at 06:35AM
The 100′s 30 Day Challenge


Day 1: Favorite Female Character(s)
Day 2: Favorite Male Character(s)
Day 3: Favorite Familial Relationship(s)
Day 4: Favorite Friendship(s)
Day 5: Favorite Romantic Relationship(s)
Day 6: Favorite Group (Delinquents/Grounders/Arkers/City of Light)
Day 7: Favorite Location (Dropship/Ark/Woods/Camp Jaha/Dead Zone/City (Island) of Light/Mt. Weather/TonDC)
Day 8: Favorite Season
Day 9: Favorite Episode(s)
Day 10: Favorite Quote(s) from the show
Day 11: Favorite Cast Member(s)
Day 12: Favorite Storyline
Day 13: Favorite Guest Star(s) (appears in 1-5 episodes)
Day 14: Favorite Minor/Recurring Character (not a main character, but can appear in most episodes)
Day 16: Most Memorable Death(s)
Day 17: Happiest Moment(s)
Day 18: Most Heartbreaking Moment(s)
Day 19: Best Shocking/OMG Moment(s)
Day 20: Funniest Moments
Day 21: Character(s) you think deserved more/better
Day 22: Character that you hated/disliked at first but now you love.
Day 23: Relationship that you ship now but didn’t at first. (Romantic, Familial, or Platonic)
Day 24: Character(s) you wished got more screen time
Day 25: Relationship(s) you wished got more screen time
Day 26: Best Kiss(es)
Day 27: Quotes that remind you of the show
Day 28: Reason(s) you watch the show
Day 29: AU you wish existed / or headcanon you wished was canon

I think You know how to do this. You already done like this challenges,
Answer the Quiz in order one each day . you don't have to come everyday, you can take a break. or If you miss a day, you can post two at once.

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