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AN: Well, there's a club where I get to share out my opinion. So I decided to share my opinion here!

Nicole Watterson– my favourite character
She's the “bomb” of the family. I really like that, and that's what it truly admire about her. I love how she's the responsible one and always cares about her children. It annoys me how Gumball and Darwin always trouble her and she has to do all the chores, and never kick back and relax. I love it how her personality is the most similar to me– being responsible. I love it how she loves her husband Richard Watterson just the way he is, being lazy....
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"Aaaaaaaaahhhhh!" cried Gumball in tears. "Gumball, what happened?" asked Darwin. "Penny broke up with me!" Gumball answered in a sad tone.

"Aaaaaaaaahhhh!" cried Penny in tears. "Penny, what happened?" asked Penny's little sister. "I broke up with Gumball!" Penny answered in a sad tone. They couldn't get over the break up. Penny went to Gumball's house to apologize. *KNOCK* "Penny?" "Gumball?" "I guess we got lucked out huh?" zei Gumball. "Yeeah. So listen Gumball, I wan-" Gumball kissed Penny on the lips. This kissed thing got to my mind. ~OUT OF SPACE~>=( COMING SOON: Gumball and Penny part 2/ Darwin's space dream and Penny's love dream. I guess that's it. REMEMBER: fan this article, save it, and fan me. Kirbylove out!
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Gumball and Darwin somehow get locked in the bathroom together. Believing they will die soon, Gumball tells Darwin a secret he has been keeping for a while - he was the one who had drawn a creepy picture in Darwin's schoolbook, causing Darwin to receive a counseling session over the summer. After a moment of anger, Darwin starts to tell Gumball of a secret that he has been keeping. Before he can say what it is, Rocky opens the door and lets them out, explaining that he thought they were the ghosts of school girls haunting the bathroom. Gumball and Darwin cheer at their liberation, but as they...
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Exhibit A - Gumball is SO ANNOYING, I Hate Him. Uploaded door Anais Watterson
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