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The Gifted (TV Series) Are u exited about Season 2?

6 fans picked:
Hell Yes! : D
Hell Yes! :D
I&# 39; m not that exited
I'm not that exited
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No I don&# 39; t like the way it ended, so I&# 39; m probably...
No I don't like the way it ended, so I'm probably not gonna watch it anymore
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 RobbStark234 posted een jaar geleden
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Hell Yes! : D
Articuno224 picked Hell Yes! :D:
Of course I am!!! ;)

I'm actually so exited about it that I'm longing for it every day, I think about it almost everyday

I'm exited about so many things

- New Mutants

-The Hellfire Club

-The War

-Andy and Lorna interacting

And lots of other things
posted een jaar geleden.
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Hell Yes! : D
Omega_Creation picked Hell Yes! :D:

The Hype is REAL!!!

posted een jaar geleden.