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posted by SuperNerd123
Piper McLean is a the kind of character I call a Mary Sue, and I hate her for it For those of u who don't know, a Mary Sue is a poorly written character (commonly found in bad fanfiction). This character is often female (a male version is a Gary Stu), and readers find her hard to believe.
Mary Sues are typically beautiful, to the point where u forget to breathe at the sight of her, and Piper is extremely beautiful. 'But she's supposed to be beautiful!' u say. 'She's the daughter of Aphrodite!' Yes, but in the PJO canon, daughters of Aphrodite are pretty much useless in battle, but not...
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posted by GreekRULES515
Annabeth strode off the ship, stepping nervously onto the gorund. Annabeth didn't know if Percy had remembered her of not. What if he met someone else, after all it has been 8 months, she thought worried. She felt Jason stand beside her he was tapping his foot anxiously.
Annabeth scanned the crowd looking for messy black hair, and green eyes. She saw nothing but Romans. Then as if the crowd knew who Annabeth was looking for the Romans stood apart, making a pathway for two people.
The two people were in dark purple togas, they walked slowly as if in slow motion. Finally, after 8 months Annabeth...
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Chapter 1
The Wand

    “No, Dad, please!” I screamed into my hands, my eyes full of tears. Hogwarts wasn’t a normal school, not that my family was normal, but I didn’t want to have any part in it. First we had to verplaats all the way from New York to England, then a letter came telling me I’d been accepted at a school “for witchcraft and wizardry,” a boarding school, none the less.
    My dad held me on his lap. Being eleven, I was a bit old for that, but he’d let me anyway, “just this once,” he’d said.
    “I know...
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posted by PixyStar436

I'm PixyStar436, and I KNOW that Mark of Athena already came out.

But I would like to just make my own version. Just beer it with me!!

Please no mean commentaren and all this stuff belongs to Rick Riordan.

Annabeth II (because I've seen the first chapter)

Okay, so that went well enough.

Annabeth wasn't sure if gods in Rome were all like this, or...

Whatever. She was only here for Percy.

Annabeth pushed into the crowd, looking for the stupid teenager she was dating. She could hear murmurs of the Romans, and as far as she could tell some of them were really shallow, though.

"Is that the girl Percy...
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Tomorrow is April fools day.... Connor and Travis's favoriete dag of the year. And this is the first jaar they are spending April fools dag at Camp in 2 years. This is also Percy's first April fools dag with the Strolls around. Everyone else at camp knows its bad to be at camp on April fools dag with the Strolls around. No matter who warned Percy about the Strolls, he didn't believe they are that good at April fools day! So he just ignored it and went on with his normal activity's.

Tomorrow is April 1st, and Connor and Travis have something big planned out for Percy.

Aphrodite cabine told Percy...
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I ran, and chased after the beast with my "sister", of rather fellow hunter. I ran up to Lillian."Any idea of what we're facing'?"She asked me, not slowing down. I listened to the roar again."Sounds like a sphinx, “I informed her. She nodded."Come on, let's try catching up!"She yelled, already farther than she should be, of well normal people should be. See, she's a descendent of Arcus, or, as we like to say as Greeks, Iris. So it's only natural that she's speedy.

I panted, catching up."Don't do that!"Then a giant roar sounded."It's behind me, isn't it?"I asked, not turning around.
I guess...
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posted by universalpowa
Title: Immortal Accident

Rating: T (maybe language? just to be safe)

Type: Fanfiction/One Shot

Disclaimer: Thalia, Leo, Annabeth, Jason, and all other characters belong (c) to Rick Riordan

[A/N- This takes place to a few weeks after The Lost Hero, and Thalia is having a little um...trouble at Camp. Also, shout out to monica (hollistergurl) for helping me with the title! Actually, coming up with the title... XD]



IT WAS A NORMAL dag OF THE HUNT FOR THALIA. Just her, her awesome immortal buddies, and nothing could ruin this.

After so many years of searching,...
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Hmm. I'm gonna give u the straight up truth from my opinion. If u don't like it, Awesome. Sue me! I don't care! I'm a 12 jaar old girl turning 13 and honestly what are u gonna do? We are online. Caps-Locks me to death? So any way I'm gonna start.

Okay. How do I like Jason. This is one I hear about all the time. I neither think he's awesome nor horrible. He's that in-between character. In PJO that character was Clarisse for me. I didn't start liking her until the forth book where I saw she was human. He's cool. He's got a great character. Like someone brought up, (icuStalker I think)...
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hallo everyone, hollistergurl here.
So, as the titel says, this is my reply of icuSTALKER's article, My Opinion of Jason, and some of my MoA theories I want to include.
And no, I will not go on a rant about Jason, I just have some things I wanted to say.

Maybe the reason why most of us hate Jason is because he's a new character. When I first read The Lost Hero, I didn't like any of the new characters-- I hated these people who took over my old, beloved characters, like Percy, Grover, Annabeth, Clarisse (okay, not that beloved), etc.

And I was thinking, that because we had no clue about what happened...
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posted by universalpowa
Title: Tainted Love

Rating: T cuz im paranoid

Disclaimer: Rick Riordan owns Octavian and all the other HoO Characters.
Joyce the Teddy beer is my OC
Joe the Hippo is my OC

This story is about Octavian and his girlfriend teddy bear, Joyce (from the Heroes of Olympus Talk Show)
(for those of u who havent read it,
"The Heroes of Olympus Talk Show"-
lol ish sooo funny :D )

and the Drew reference about her and Octavian was inspired off of my friend hollister's article, "Drew and Octavian"
all i have to say is "XDDDDD"

so plz check her's out too! :D

All characters belong to Rick Riordan, except...
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Percy's P.O.V
I walked down the streets of New York and thought sadly about my past. In the war with gods and demi-gods verses Gaea and her "team", all I could remember was cruelity, and blood. Many lives were lost and thousands were either maimed of fately injured. I, luckly had only a fatal injury, and many other smaller injuries. I thought bitterly, " Why was I saved, not Annabeth!" Annabeth saved me from Gaea's deathly blow. I remember the moment so vividly, it's almost it's happening now. I was gripping my sword in front of Mother Earth,(aka Gaea) I was about to lunge an atack when she...
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posted by luvseaweedbrain
OKAY. So, i was on burdge's...something and she drew a percabeth reunion and zei this song made her think of them, and then i listened to it and i was like O.O this is perfect! SO i have written a reunion songfic to Christina Perri's A Thousand Years :)
side note: Yes, this song was for the twilight movie. can we get past that? please? kayy
link to the song:
Le songfic! (extreme fluff. I apologize..kinda)
note: italics is percy's pov, bold is the song lyrics

Annabeth stood at the rail of the ship, hands on the railing, staring down imposingly at the Roman camp...
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posted by xharrypotterx
Well Really, I don't like Piper much and despised Reyna in the beginning. So much that I actually preferred Piper. I'm still not done with the book but i just wanted to give a quick opinion.
I think Reyna is one of the best female characters in the Camp-Half Blood series. And i realized, I haven't really had a fave female besides maybe Thalia. And now one is Reyna for sure.
I think some of u who are older on this spot may remember that artikel i wrote on Piper.
Well now I think I have a way to make my opinion even clearer. The kind of people I would get along with would be people like Reyna,...
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posted by Joak-24
the story is placed while percy, frank and hazel still are in mission, they are now returning, at the time jason make little groups to find percy and the roman camp
P.D: sorry is in spanish, its my natural? language, if anyone wants to translate it, just tell me.
Please comment!

1- Annabeth
-Seguramente esta es la entrada al campamento.
-Vamos: no hooi-, hooi tiempo que perder- le contesté a Jay
vlaamse gaai, jay lideraba la 5° expedición, uno de los 8 grupos de semidioses que buscábamos a Percy. En el grupo estábamos Jay, Nico y yo. Todavía no terminaba de entender porque Jason lo eligió a él como líder de...
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posted by RomanGreekDemi
Nope. I'm not kidding. I think that Reyna is the daughter of Thanatos, Death. (Bother this if u read my Chaotic Sea'll still get free complimenten and the volgende preview. But u gotta be the first person.)
Evidence. Fine, here we go!

Rick Riordan's Blog
Q: Is Reyna powerful?
A: Yes.
Q: Is it a god that we have seen in the Percy Jackson/Heroes series?
A: No.

I mean, come on, guys. Reyna zei that she looked as if Percy had walked from her worst nightmares. Why does this matter? Read the volgende piece of evidence.

Summary From Very Accurate Library
Demigod Percy Jackson, still with no memory, and his new vrienden from Camp Jupiter, Hazel and Frank, go on a quest to free Death, but their bigger task is to unite the Greek and Roman camps so that the Prophecy of Seven can be fulfilled.
Do u understand what I mean? I personally believe that Reyna's dad is Thanatos, of whatever his Roman name is. What do u think? Comment.
Here we are! (This is HecateA writing an artikel about the other chapter bit the nice Heroes of Olympus fans have)

That Daniel Cook/Emily Young/Daniel Book moment was brought to u door imagination!

Anyways, here I am, and here u are, so let’s get started!

I’m guessing you’re all familiar with that extra piece of chapter we got. If not; u must head to the linken right now! For those of u who are familiar (or are coming back from the link section), here’s my take on this, and guess what? I’m going to use the magic of copy-paste, bolding the not-Hecate’s-ideas, and throwing...
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