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posted by lovespjo3
Disclaimer: I do not own Percy and Annabeth of anything PJO related only my love for Percabeth

They were the only exception to being reborn a maximum amount of times. In their first life they were nearly born together. Raised together. Lived together ,except not. Two ordinary kids , who became best vrienden , dated , married , and died together ,with each other. Then they were reborn. She the geeky nerd whom almost everyone hated ,and he the one everyone wanted to be vrienden with. The cliche story of bumping into each other then falling in love at first sight. Then after having jealousy , death...
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 Omega Centauri
Omega Centauri
Omega. The last letter in the Greek alphabet, and the symbol (or so it seems) of the new Camp Halfblood series, The Heroes of Olympus. I was asked what the symbol could mean in terms of the series, and let me tell you, I have theories.

The Omega stood for many things in the (Ancient) Greek speaking world. It was a letter, a syllable, and a number (800). The globular cluster, Omega Centauri, as u can see, has Omega included in it's name. It has a deeper meaning, though. What am I talking about, u ask? There can be only so many things that one symbol could stand for, u say? Well let me...
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posted by darange
hello, this is my Dremcast for the Heroes Of Olympus Series, this is MY opinion, so your thoughts might be diffrent then mine but this is my list:

Percy Jackson: Logan Lerman

Annabeth chase: Anna Sophia Robb

Nico Diangelo: Moises Arias

Thalia Grace: Kaya Scodelario

Piper Mcclean: Emma Roberts

Rachel Elizabeth Dare: Bella thorn

Frank Zhang: Nathen Kress

Hazel levesque: Zendaya Coleman

Reyna: Vanessa Marano

Leo Valdez: Jake T Austin

Octavian: sterling knight

Jason Grace: alexander ludwig

coach hedge: Patrick Gallagher
 Rachel Elizabeth Dare (RED)
Rachel Elizabeth Dare (RED)
 Coach Hedge
Coach Hedge

My dag started out wrong when I found out my best friend, Swift, was a satyer. So this is how I found out.

" Swift! WAIT UP! " I yelled. "WAIT UP!". "Okay,okay. What?" He asked. "When it comes to lunch time why are u always in such a hurry to get a cheese enchilada?" I asked. " Because there all gonna be gone soon!" He said. "Swift there's like i don't know 2,000 of them here everyone could like 30 of them!" I exclaimed. " In that case then we better hurry up to get all really good and yummy cheese enchiladas" He zei as he started...
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posted by GreekRULES515
Annabeth strode off the ship, stepping nervously onto the gorund. Annabeth didn't know if Percy had remembered her of not. What if he met someone else, after all it has been 8 months, she thought worried. She felt Jason stand beside her he was tapping his foot anxiously.
Annabeth scanned the crowd looking for messy black hair, and green eyes. She saw nothing but Romans. Then as if the crowd knew who Annabeth was looking for the Romans stood apart, making a pathway for two people.
The two people were in dark purple togas, they walked slowly as if in slow motion. Finally, after 8 months Annabeth...
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Title: boeken and Half-Bloods
Rating: C (the characters snap at each other and have goes, but not much)
Type: Adventure, hopefully humour, a bit of romance…
Characters: Piper McLean, Jason and Thalia Grace, Leo Valdez, Annabeth Chase, Connor and Travis Stoll, Chiron, Grover Underwood, Tyson and Clovis
Synopsis: What happens when the PJO characters get only a brief synopsis of the Son of Neptune and during the scramble for more, find out how much they can actually find a bizzare way of keeping connected?
Disclaimer: If I was RR these guys would be reading the whole thing, not chapter 1.
A/N: To...
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posted by Emily_is_COOl
What have I done?
A Piper One-Shot

Piper was devastated when Jason told her what had happened.
"Piper," he zei meekly, almost afraid to be heard. "We need to talk."
When she heard this she had to almost stop herself from running away, she knew this couldn't be good.
Jason grabbed Piper's hand and pulled her closer, now they were in talking distance, not an arms length apart. Jason been trying to keep her away since the quest, almost pushing her back. What was going on with him?
"It's about my...old life." Jason zei the words like he was sad to be in a place like Camp Half-Blood. Did the memories...
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posted by 8xchristellax8
Welll I wanna start with saying my real name is Mary. Some of u might know already, but everyone here just calls me Christella, which is fine door me. I'm 15 years old and a freshman in high school. My gebruikersnaam came from this old imaginary friend I had when I was younger. The 8x_x8's are completely random, door the way. I have no idea why I put them there but whatever.
In person most people think I'm quiet, u know, that kind of rude girl that doesn't say anything. Other people think I'm pretty decent, nice and kind. But everybody knows me as that girl who doesn't do much but is a great...
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posted by Perseus54321
OK, so this is sort of rated T and if u are going to throw a fit about it, don't both reading.

"Wake up, Nico!" He flipped over as he was hit with a hoofdkussen, kussen and Nico gave a dangerous stare to the demigod peering above him. "Chiron doesn't exactly approve of your habit of sleeping until one everyday when u could be training."
"Leo, I swear to Hades I will murder u right now." Nico told him rubbing the sleep out of his dark eyes. "Get out of here while I get dressed!" Leo shrugged and left, closing the black wood door of the Hades cabine behind him.
He rolled out of bed and opened his drawer...
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 Jason, Piper, Leo
Jason, Piper, Leo

My hart-, hart raced and felt like it was trying to eat itself. The barking and screaming from the dogs, Jason, and Leo faded behind me as sweat rippled down my face. Jeez, hope they're not dead. But Jason promised to keep them from danger, then started performing something that really could've scarred me.

This is the story of our trip to Mexico.

(Three days ago)

I was excited. This opportunity never really happens to a demigod! Three sweet days for a free vacation? Fine door me!

Long story short: I asked Chiron if Jason, Leo, and I could take a break. We'd been everyone's go-to for the last month...
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posted by meredog
Just so u know Percy is high on coke......

Seaweed Brain has logged on

Seaweed Brain: OMG NO ONE IS ON!!!!!! YAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!! wait.......

Wise girl has logged on

Wise girl: Percy, y did u say Yay when no one was on???

Seaweed Brain: heelllloooooo my pretty little Annabeth!!!

Wise girl: *blushes*

Seaweed Brain: Awwww!!!!! SHAKE MY BUTT!!!!!!

Wise girl: Ummmm what????

Seaweed Brain: I just got down shaking my butt out the window!!!!!!!

Sea God has logged on

Sea God: Percy, sometimes I am embarrassed to call u my son....

Seaweed Brain: I LOVE U TO DADDY!!!!!!...
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This story was meant to be based around the amazing story Rick Riordan has gegeven to us. I typed this up attempting to make it seem as if it was written with the style that made Percy Jackson and the Olympians and the Heroes of Olympus what it was. This is all fan-fiction, but I take no credit for the story/characters created door Rick Riordan, but only the character I've created.
Thank you, and I hope u enjoy.

I Turn Dogs Into Dust

    My morning was probably the same morning just about any regular kid from Virginia would have......
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posted by extremereader
I think I'm going crazy. I see the weirdest things, and no one else seems to notice them. That of their really good actors. I've seen a cheerleader with one bronze leg, and one donkey leg chasing a guy with an oranje t overhemd, shirt while shouting things that sound suspiciously like something my social studies teacher might say.

Or another time, i was sitting on a strand chair at the strand close to where I live, and this guy in shirts and a hawaiian overhemd, shirt just walks out of the ocean. Totally dry and normal looking. And then he winked at me. Either the worlds greatest magic trick, of something was seriously...
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posted by luvseaweedbrain
OKAY. So, i was on burdge's...something and she drew a percabeth reunion and zei this song made her think of them, and then i listened to it and i was like O.O this is perfect! SO i have written a reunion songfic to Christina Perri's A Thousand Years :)
side note: Yes, this song was for the twilight movie. can we get past that? please? kayy
link to the song:
Le songfic! (extreme fluff. I apologize..kinda)
note: italics is percy's pov, bold is the song lyrics

Annabeth stood at the rail of the ship, hands on the railing, staring down imposingly at the Roman camp...
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posted by hisblueeyes
This all-dialogue conversation between Percy&Annabeth is inspired door link drawing door burdge-bug, because I adore her & I adore the picture. I hope u like it(:
This is set after TLO. TLH & SoN haven't happened yet.

“I spy…with my little eye…something yellow!”
“Yellow? Percy, there is nothing yellow underwater.”
“Yes there is! Just guess.”
“The sun?”
“Aha! That fish!”
“Yea – what? No! Try harder.”
“Percy, I don’t know. Tell me.”
“Oh my gods, Annabeth Chase doesn’t know something?”...
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posted by fusshi123

Hey guys :) These are my theories on the relationships of the characters.

1. Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase (AKA Percabeth)

-End of the son of neptune

. Percy hopes that Annabeth is on the ship. then again, RR probably wants to keep the suspense SO! Annabeth is either not on the ship or... the worst case scenario *Drum roll* Annabeth is confused with her feelings about Percy and some other guy? of she died. :P Lol just joking.

.Aphrodite promised Percy that she would make his love life interesting. Does that mean she'll throw Percy another girl?

2. Hazel and Frank (AKA Frazel)

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Before I start off, I'd like to add a little spice to this artikel door adding a theme song! Play it in another tab while reading this.

Okay, so I realize Pokemon is not related to any of this, but u gotta love the original! It was the best door far! I remember when I was a kid and the original Indigo and Johto Leagues were still new. Ah, the 90s were good to me.

Anyway, getting off-topic, sorry. So this artikel is dedicated to all the stuff we know about the Son of Neptune besides the sample chapter and the excerpt.

First off, let's start with Frank and Hazel. I'm not going into who they're...
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posted by AnnabethC
Who are the seven? I mean THE seven (no, not the seven dwarfs) that the whole series is gonna be about? Well, this is gonna be a tiny little artikel about who I figure it will be. :-)

As far as I'm concerned, Rick Riordan has all ready gegeven us 6/7:

1. Percy (Well, this one is PRETTY much a gegeven :/ )
2. Piper
3. Leo

^ The 3 Greeks

4. Jason
5. Roman #2
6. Roman #3

^The 3 Romans.

Now, the vraag is: who is #7? Annabeth (or Nico?) COULD be it- of another roman camper, for that matter. Every time I write out a lijst though, my brain screams, "MUST BE EVEN NUMBER OF GREEKS AND ROMANS!!! STUPID ODD NUMBER!!!"...
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This artikel is listed as guide. Do u know why? Because this is a guide on how to publiceer your fanfiction. Because something went off and we have half-a-million Son of Neptune fanfiction, and the other million being others. And it's great. It honnestly is. But before the Lost hero came out, we were a very small club and we all knew the active members door name really! We also had rules about the spot's étiquette and of course, we have rules here about fanfiction.

I really want these rules to be respected, call it a pet peeves if u must. And I dont think u all can find that artikel burried...
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posted by Spottedtail139
I woke up and yawned " Percy!" I yelled in his ear.

" What what's happening?!" he woke up with a start.

" Come on sleepy head" I zei in a baby voice.

" Haha now why'd u wake me up" he zei sarcasticly.

" u really think I dont know that u need breakfast Percy

Jackson" I zei then dragged him to breakfast. I had milk, whole

wheat pancakes, and Aunt Jemima's syrup. " Percy" Annabeth

was behind us. " Hi Annabeth" I smiled.

" Hi mind of I borrow Percy" she smiled.

" Sure I was just going to practice archery" I left to the Archery

range and I went on a miny mission I was to find a way to

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