The Heroes of Olympus The Seven's Death

olympianglory posted on Feb 26, 2015 at 09:07AM
Well.... I decided to make this after the comic Viria and Minuiko made... the feelz....

Write a version of how one of the seven dies!
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een jaar geleden olympianglory said…
Percy stumbled, lifeless as Nico dragged him along, the bloody wound in his chest soaking the orange shirt, plastering it to the wound. He knew nothing could help him, but he had to try....
" You are NOT dying on me Jackson! Your the son of Poseidon!" Percy groaned and his loose grip on Nico's shoulder completely fell. He dropped to the floor and Nico blinked a tear from his eye
"Annabeth needs you!" Percy muttered deliriously something like " Tell Annabeth I love her..."
Nico gasped" Water... maybe the water will heal him!" He dragged Percy to a pond, and laid his unconscious body into the cool water. The water covered Percy, but to no prevail. Nico cursed and hauled Percy onto his shoulders and staggered to wards the Argo II. He vaguely heard Hazel yell
" Nico! Your ok! But why is Percy...Oh." Annabeth appeared behind her, gasping and cursing.
" Percy! Is he?" Nico muttered " I'm sorry." as he laid Percy's dead body on the grassy hillside.
een jaar geleden Fangirl521 said…
Oh... my... god, that is so sad!
een jaar geleden Fangirl521 said…
I got bored so I wrote one, this is Jason

Jason was looking off the deck of the Argo II when it happened.
He was just standing there, alone. Then all of a sudden there was something in his stomach. He looked down and saw a sword tip sticking out of his stomach.
He screamed “PIPER!”
A female voice said “no one can save you now. Especially not her.” Within the next second Jason was falling off the Argo II, with the person right above him.
He could hear Piper yell “JASON NO!” Jason turned, but all he could see was the color purple, with hints of gold.
The female voice said “if I can’t have you no one can.” Jason fell into the ocean, never to be found.
een jaar geleden olympianglory said…
Wow lol, so detailed!
een jaar geleden Fangirl521 said…
You can tell who it was, right?
Fangirl521 commented…
the person who killed Jason. Sorry, should have made that clearer. u did realize who killed Jason, right? een jaar geleden
olympianglory commented…
Um.... Crazed Pyschopath woman? een jaar geleden
een jaar geleden PiperMclean7732 said…
Who I'm freakin out!!!! Please tell me. I think its Reyna or Khoine. But continue!!! Please ima gonna cry!
Fangirl521 commented…
it was Reyna... een jaar geleden
een jaar geleden PiperMclean7732 said…
Also can Piper find him or something. And can Percy live or at least come back. I cant live without my 2 boys!
een jaar geleden olympianglory said…
Its ok! Nico talks to him as a ghost! Havent done it yet though!
een jaar geleden PiperMclean7732 said…
Ok! Im happy now!
een jaar geleden Fangirl521 said…
I'm gonna write one for Annabeth now

Annabeth was devastated Percy had been killed, but she knew she had to keep going, she knew it was what she wanted. But she knew that wasn't what Gaea wanted.
One day, she was standing on the coast of Greece, and all of a sudden there was a wind. She suddenly passed out.
When she woke up, there was a message for her.
"you have been possessed by an elidon, Percy Jackson's eilodon."
She began to panic. She didn't know where she was. She wanted to call out for Percy or Jason to help her, but they were both dead. She took the next best thing. She called out "HAZEL! PIPER!"
The door swung open, but only Piper was there, and her eyes looked different. She examined her.
Piper said "you don't see it, do you?" Her voice sounded demonic. She continued "possessed. By an elidon. Same as who possessed you."
Annabeth said "Percy? Percy, I know you're in there."
Piper laughed a demonic laugh and said "nice try. Daughter of Wisdom walks lone, Daughter of Wisdom dies alone." She grabbed a knife from her pocket and threw it at her friend.
Annabeth dodged it. She said "Piper? Percy? Please, tell me one of you is in there!"
Piper's demonic voice said "Percy is. And he's trying to kill you."
Annabeth sighed and said "if you leave Piper you can kill me."
Piper's demonic voice said "deal."
Annabeth stepped forward and made sure she could be easily hit. Piper/Percy/The elidon threw the knife and it went soaring, right into her chest. The last thing she saw was Piper's eyes return to normal. Her eyes closed, and she died right there.
een jaar geleden PiperMclean7732 said…
OMG! That was awesome! But why was Percy wanting to kill Annabeth?
een jaar geleden olympianglory said…
So she could join him in Elysium idiot!
een jaar geleden PiperMclean7732 said…
Oh and dont call me an idiot! But dont worry I got it by now. Even though it makes Percy seem evil.
olympianglory commented…
Kinda.. but still sweet! een jaar geleden
olympianglory commented…
And will u post on your forum?? een jaar geleden
een jaar geleden olympianglory said…
Octavian's death

Reyna stood in the garden of Bacchus, watching the fountain trickle gently, suddenly, she heard footsteps. She looked down. A knife was impaled just below her ribcage,positioned so she would die slowly and painfully. She heard the cruel laugh of Octavian behind her.
" Born a traitor of Rome, die like one." She screamed, and pulled out the knife, throwing it at Octavian. She heard the thump of his body hitting the ground. Then she blacked out
een jaar geleden PiperMclean7732 said…
I will post later today....... I will try to post on both forums.
een jaar geleden Fangirl521 said…
Frank's death

Hazel turned to Frank and said "hey, have you ever seen a puggle dog?"
Frank nods and says "let me guess, you want me to become a pug?"
She says "just for a minute!"
He laughs and becomes a pug.
Hazel pats him on the head and says "good boy."
Frank says "haha, very funny."
She takes out a demigod-safe camera and takes a picture of Frank the pug, then said "alright, you can change back now."
Frank focused on himself, but he couldn't change back. He says "Hazel? I can't change back."
She says "why not?"
He says "I just can't... the power isn't letting me."
She says "so you're gonna be an adorable pug forever?"
He says "Hazel this is serious."
She says "let's take you to go see a doggy doctor."
Frank says "HAZEL!" He suddenly starts to run around barking and screaming.
Hazel says "fine, let's go see if I can find someone who can-whoa... Frank, you're foaming. Like, your mouth."
He just continues barking.
She picks him up and runs to the New Rome animal hospital. A legacy of Apollo says "Hazel when'd you get a dog?"
She says "it's not a dog it's Frank. He's stuck as a pug, and he's foaming and barking like crazy."
The legacy of Apollo says "I'm sorry to say it, but it sounds like rabies..."
Hazel says "does that mean-"
he says "I'm sorry Hazel, we've got to put him down."
Hazel starts crying as she looks at pug Frank. She says "Frank, i'm sorry. I love you, and I'm so sorry I had you become this pug. I'm so sorry..."
Frank starts barking again.
The legacy of Apollo goes to the back to get a shot. He comes back with a full syringe of the stuff used to put down animals.
Hazel lifts up the pug so she;s looking into his eyes. She says "Frank I am so sorry."
The legacy of Apollo gives Frank the shot, and he dies almost instantly, killing one of the praetors of Rome in the body of a pug.
een jaar geleden olympianglory said…
- facepalm- Really Hazel? I thought you knew better than to get a pug. He should of been a border collie!
een jaar geleden PiperMclean7732 said…
Hehe and wow poor Hazel. Wait I wonder if Frank gies to Elysium in the form of a pug. And then when Hazel gets there she will be like..... Franky your still a pug and Frank will just sit and scream at Hazel!
een jaar geleden Fangirl521 said…
Anyone want me to do another one?
een jaar geleden PiperMclean7732 said…
I do..... I do!