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posted by ase
Johnny Hobostein, the famed hobologist, went out in duisgise as a hobo in All Hobo City. He ventured out into the unknown dangers of the streets. He decided to live among the hobos of Boho Lane for two months. As he rounded the corner, an awful odor struck him to the ground.

"What is that smell?" He cried.

"Sorry, my fault," A voice called, "Just ripped one!"

"Eww!" Johnny screamed embarrassingly.

"Meh... u get used to it!" Another voice mumbled just loud enough to hear.

Johnny rounded the corner at last to find two people, a man and a woman, sitting together under a cardboard house. "Oh? Sorry, I'm a new hobo. Just lost my job three days ago." He walked up, trying in vain not to tear up from the stench, and sat beside the man. "I'm Johnny, Johnny Hobostein. Ironic, right?"

posted by ase
(Sorry... the last chapter was supposed to be longer... the chapters will vary in size I guess...)

"How long have u been here?" Johnny asked the two hobos.
"Eh..... about a jaar now....." The man replied. "You never did ask our names! Tch! And u say I don't have manners!"
"Sorry... sorry... sooo... what's your names?" Johhny replied embarrassed.
"I'm Joe... this is my wife... Lola" The man said.
"Well, hi Joe, hello Lola..."
"Eh.... what'd he say?!?!" Lola shouted.
"He zei hi!" Joe yelled back. Quieter, he mumbled "Old fart..."