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Grrrrr posted on Mar 19, 2013 at 02:19AM
Hey everybody! Its time to start a new RP! Lets make this scene start right at the chariot rides! Please describe your characters:
HAVE FUN! and please write your posts in third person point of view! LETS DO THIS THING!

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een jaar geleden Grrrrr said…
Pain Connors
District 11
Hard personality exterior, used to trouble and dissapointment, speaks her mind
Her little sister was killed while picking food and trying to eat it
She is short, with long black hair, bright blue eyes, and button nose. She is slender and 14 years old.
een jaar geleden Dovemoon said…
Nick Jones
District 10
Nick is a tall, strong guy. He is fast and knows how to fight well. He is very kind guy to most but can be very tough in a sense. He is quick and learns fast and has street smarts.
He is very open but can close himself off.
Nick is the second oldest of 5 kids. He knows how to handle himself and his family. He got good at fighting when he was younger fending for himself in a big family. He used to have to fend for himself on the streets to help keep his family going while the crops grew. He had been beat up before so once he got to fighting, he took control of the streets, and fights a lot now in the gym, becoming known for his fighting talents. He is good with a knife since he lived on the more cutthroat part of the districts
He is a tall, tan, handsome guy with messy light brown hair and stunning blue eyes.
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Dovemoon commented…
He has already had a younger sibling killed door peacekeepers door accident. een jaar geleden
een jaar geleden Grrrrr said…
Pain was sitting in the group dining hall. She had just arrived and was the first one there. She had emotionally blocked herself since her name was chosen in the reaping.
een jaar geleden Dovemoon said…
District 5
She is good with a bow and a knife just from growing up on a private estate and venturing into the woods. She light and fast and a good long distance speed runner.
She is a tough girl but has a nice personality when she gets to know you. She sarcastic and stubborn.
Maddie was the second child in a wealthier family. She grew up in a nice house by the woods and enjoyed living around the forest. She has a tomboy like attitude. She had an easy life and gets all As in school.
She is a decent heighted, light, small framed, tan girl. Maddie has light brown almost blonde hair and pretty blue green eyes.
een jaar geleden Dovemoon said…
Nick comes up the stair nonchalantly, his hands in his pocket cooly. He sits in the dining hall across from Pain and looks around casually. He came across as a very calm guy.
een jaar geleden Grrrrr said…
Danny Morgan
15 years old
District 5
Tall and slender, with short blond hair and warm brown eyes. He is charming and cool as a cucumber. He was also known as quite a ladies man back in his district.
He has a little brother and an older sister.
een jaar geleden Grrrrr said…
Pain looked over at the boy across from her. He seemed pretty strong, he would probably do well in the games. She made it her personal mission to not get to know any of the other tributes, she feared it would be too hard to have to kill them eventually. Her face stayed masked, emotionless.
een jaar geleden Dovemoon said…
Nick looked across at her and reached his hand across the table, "Hey. I'm Nick Jones District 10."
een jaar geleden Alvin2442 said…
name Alvin Hamilton
district 4
traits He says Kill or Be Killed
personality Calm. Holds his Emotions
story Unknown
appearance Sea Green Eyes. Jet Black Hair. Light Skin. Handsome. Ripped.
een jaar geleden Grrrrr said…
Pain turned to the boy. Fear flashed in her eyes.
"I'm Pain. Pain Connors. District 11." Her voice was thin and frail.
een jaar geleden Dovemoon said…
Nick saw that fear but didn't make any comment or anything. He smiled slightly and warmly, "Nice to meet you."
een jaar geleden Grrrrr said…
Danny waltz downstairs.
"Helloooo everybody!" Danny grabbed a glass of water.
een jaar geleden Grrrrr said…
Pain noticed his warmth and her eyes flashed downwards. She quickly glanced up at the boy who entered the room.
een jaar geleden Dovemoon said…
Maddie followed shortly behind him. She looked really pretty as she came downstairs, her blonde hair tied loosely up.
een jaar geleden Dovemoon said…
Nick sees her look away but doesn't let it effect him and leans back in his chair some.
een jaar geleden Grrrrr said…
Pain started feeling really uncomftorable. Her head started swimming and she could tell a headache was coming on. But how to get out of this situation without being noticed. Suddenly her brain pulsed. She let out a small shriek and ran upstairs to her room, knocking her chair over.

Danny glanced at Maddie. "Helloooo beautfiul"
een jaar geleden Dovemoon said…
Nick looked a bit confused at her sudden bolt from the room. He stood up quick, "Hey, Pain, wait! Where are you going?"

Maddie smiled, "Oh hi.." Her face was a bit red, she doesnt get called beautiful on a daily basis.
een jaar geleden Grrrrr said…
Pain heard her name somewhere off in the distance. Who was this boy? And what did he want with her? The headaches came back and it was so awful she fell to her knees, screaming into a pillow.

"And whats your name?" Danny asked.
een jaar geleden Dovemoon said…
"I'm Maddie.Maddie Rogers." She said, smiling slightly. "and you would be?"

Nick heads off after her, upstairs. "Pain?" he called
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een jaar geleden Grrrrr said…
"Your best dream. But they also call me Danny." He kissed the back of her hand and bowed.

Pain squeezed her eyes shut and tears rolled down her cheeks. The pain was not only bad, but she was also seeing flashes of her sister that came weekly. Everything around her swirled, it was all a blur, She was suddenly freezing.
een jaar geleden Dovemoon said…
She smiled, flattered and kinda embarrassed. "Well, someone sure knows how to talk to the ladies, Danny."

Nick silently entered the room to see her there and to see the tears streaming, "Pain.." He said softly.
een jaar geleden Grrrrr said…
"I've had practice" he said winking at her. How would you like some....ham?" he pointed to a platter of food. He chuckled lightly.

Pain stopped almost instantly. The world stopped swirling, her head stopped hurting, and the flashbacks stopped. She turned to the door "I. Hello Nick. I'm...thinking.: she wiped the tears from her face and stood up.
een jaar geleden Dovemoon said…
"You okay in here?" Nick looked around the room, stepping inside.

"Practice. really?" She laughed lightly. "I'm good, thanks though. "
een jaar geleden Grrrrr said…
"Yes. I'm fine. Great." She said taking a step back. What was his interest in her? "I was really just thinking about..." her eyes darted around the room "The hunger games, yes the hunger games. Look, Nick, I really should just go now."

"More for me." Danny licked his lips at Maddie and grabbed a piece of ham and popped it into his mouth. He smacked his lips suductively in a cheesy way.
een jaar geleden Dovemoon said…
"Sorry. Just thought I'd make sure you were okay.. Not many people.. bolt.. out of a room. "
Nick said.

Maddie laughed a little. "So is it good?"
een jaar geleden Grrrrr said…
Pain gigled nervously. "Yeah i'm...........interesting." she glanced at the ground awkwardly. "It's good that you're so nice but can I tell you something?" Her voice quivered.

Dannt stepped right up in front of Maddie, so close that he was maybe two cenimeters away. He looked down. "So...delicios."He twirled Maddie and dipped her close to the ground.
een jaar geleden Dovemoon said…
Maddie laughed, smiling, looking up at Danny as he dipped her so close to the ground. She swung her arms around his neck at a moment because she thought he was going to drop her since they were so close to the ground. She looked up at him, her hair brushing the ground.

Nick nods, "You can tell me anything."
een jaar geleden Grrrrr said…
Pain's voice was stronger this time "I'd rather not kill you. So it's best if we....don't get to close.:

Danny smiled hugely and pushed Maddie's hair out of her face. "So beautiful." He helped her up and put his hands on her hips. "I must get going my lady" he quicly pecked her on the forehead and quickly darted upstairs.
een jaar geleden Dovemoon said…

MAddie smiled, her cheeks a bright pink-red."I'll see you around, Danny."

Nick nods, "Yea, no, I understand completely.. " Nick started backing up a step.
een jaar geleden Grrrrr said…
Pains head started pouding she lurched forward and managed to grap the very back of Nick's shirt. She grasped it tightly in her hand and fell to her knees.

Danny sat on the bed in his room. He ran his hand through his hair. "Shower time." he whispered with a smile playing on his lips. He took his clothes off and hopped into the shower. He punched a few buttons and signed in relief.
een jaar geleden Dovemoon said…
Nick stopped abruptly and turned. He knelt down to her eye level*since she was on her knees)

Maddie decided to go back upstairs to her room. She went up stairs, happily, still thinking of her encounter with Danny. :)
een jaar geleden Grrrrr said…
Pains breathing grew heavy and her foregead started sweating. Her vision turned white. She looked at Nick, square in the eyes. They were amazing. But she wasn't focused on that, she was focused on her flashbacks. But she struggled to stay into the real world.

Danny got out of the shower, only a towel wrapped around his waist, he wandered around the halls, looking around.
een jaar geleden Dovemoon said…
Nick saw her struggling to stay together. "Hey," he said softly, meeting her with his stunning blue eyes, "Stay with me okay?"

Maddie walked the hallways, heading for her room.
een jaar geleden Grrrrr said…
Pain suddenly found herself only thinking about Nick, there were no flashbacks. This was the first time she ever felt somebody break through her hard shell. But she was still struggling. Nothing seemed to bring her from that mind set.

Danny turned the corner and saw Maddie. "Oh, Maddie." he winked at her and twirled her. He dipped her again, and this time his towel fell off.
een jaar geleden Grrrrr said…
Danny's eyes went wide. "Oh my god!" he picked up his towel and covered himself back up. He ran back to his room and put on actual clothes.
een jaar geleden sam7b said…
Ok, first off, I just want to do a quick introduction (or for some of you, RE-introduction) of myself. My name's Sam, I'm thirteen, I live in Maine. (The U.S.) I adore writing and have a few different pieces going right now, but I came back here to reminisce and maybe do a little new RPing. :) I've matured a lot in my writing skills since I was last here, and I'm excited to show off my new skills and to write with old friends.

So anyway, on to my new character. :)

Name: Addison Summers (Addie)
District: 3
Age: 14
District Token: A black pen.

Personality: Addison's main personality is rather detached and cold, but she tries to avoid trouble. She's shy and smart, and loves to make her own tattoos with pens. She has lots of little quirks in her personality that define who she is, including the way she can completely and entirely tune out everything around her and focus on just one aspect of something. At home she used to spend hours staring at her cracked ceiling, focusing intently on the chipped paint, seemingly "zooming in" on the cracks and crevices. When her parents would come into her room and see her they used to think that she had passed out, but after awhile they got used to it. She only goes into those modes occasionally though, normally she's very abrasive and quietly cold. However, if someone puts in the time and effort to get to know her, she can feel fairly comfortable around them rather quickly.

Story: Addison has always been the one who didn't belong, the piece of the puzzle that didn't fit. Since birth she's always been more strange than the other children, less playful and more quiet. She's always been obsessed with drawing on skin, and was/is often completely covered in spidery black designs of ink. Addie has always been prone to seizures under the right conditions, and there was one highlighted incident that she can remember. Addie was five and she had been actually playing and enjoying herself with one of her brand new friends, an Arabian boy named Achmed. She had been laughing and jumping rope with him when suddenly she felt like a brick had been thrown at her head. Terror filled her, and she crumpled to the ground and started shaking and screaming while she foamed at the mouth. She remembered glancing at Achmed's face and seeing confusion and fear, and then him running off. Her parents came out a second later and fed Addie her seizure medicine, but she never saw Achmed again. She always keeps her seizure medicine in her pocket now, and makes sure she never looses it. She's always been a target for bullies, but she's never really bullied anyone.

Appearance: *See Picture* She's about 5'3" and a half, with blonde hair and grey eyes. She hates her hair, she thinks it's too bright for her personality.

Skills: Addie is a fast runner, and an extremely good climber and camouflager. She isn't very socially skilled, but she's fair with knives because she cooked a lot back in her district.

Siblings: She had an older brother but she never met him. He died from lung cancer before she was born, and her parents have always deeply mourned him. It's hard for Addie because she doesn't understand why they give all their attention to their dead son and totally ignore they're still breathing daughter.
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 Ok, first off, I just want to do a quick introduction (or for some of you, RE-introduction) of myself
een jaar geleden Dovemoon said…
I'm so glad your back Sam!

Maddie stumbles back a bit, shocked and embarrassed by what just happened.

"Pain" he tried to call her and get her focus back into the world.
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een jaar geleden sam7b said…
Name: Lethe Armington
District: 2
Age: 16
District Token: Lethe has a pet lizard named Todo that she absolutely adores, and she decided to take him as a token. She couldn't use him as a weapon (he's tiny and not in the least bit dangerous) so she was allowed to take him. Another reason she might have been allowed is that her father is the brother of the district two mayor.

Personality: Lethe is a predator. The most dangerous part about Lethe is that she might just be the most strategically smart person you could ever meet. She manipulative too- she's knows how to get friends and how to keep them until she doesn't want them anymore. Lethe is a talented actress, and she has many different expressions she can go through. Everything is about survival to her- the people she befriends, the clothes she wears, the people she talks to during training and the way she holds her posture, it's all part of her plan to win. To live. The only time she can let her guard down is when she's by herself, completely alone. She talks to herself a lot when she's on her own, thinking through different strategies and moves she could make. Lethe's main personality (it can change like lightening) is confident and strong. Like all careers, she's cruel to the lower district kids, but she's more sneaky with it. Mean back handed remarks and degrading looks are what she usually uses to intimidate them. She doesn't plan on having many actual friends or love interests in this game- the only real weakness she can really afford in these games is Todo. But she can definitely pretend.

Story: Lethe's never had many friends- that's why she has Todo. Her life has always been centered around training and planning, ever since she was five and first entered the District Two Academy for Future Tributes. She's always been small in size, so her brain is definitely her best weapon. No one's really ever been there for Lethe, besides Todo of course. Her parents are too busy with their executive jobs, and no one has ever really taken an interest in Lethe, except for the people who were competing with her for a spot in the Games, and they weren't friendly. Lethe has always had a rather lonely life, just waiting for her time to shine- and now it's here.

Appearance: *See Picture* Lethe's natural hair color is brown, but she dyes it blue. She's rather skinny but not anorexic skinny, and her features are very fragile looking. (However she's not really that breakable.) She's actually pretty strong, and she's definitely fast. She's short for her age, about 5'4", and although she doesn't have much muscle, she's agile and can run for miles.

Skills: Lethe is an amazing strategist and has good skills and a strong body to bring those strategies to life. She's a good distance runner and she's very fast, and she's also skilled with the bow and arrows and blow darts. She's ok with swords but not great (she can't really hold them well) and she's good with knives, but not throwing knives.

Siblings: Lethe does have a twelve year old little sister, but they don't talk much. Lethe loves her and wants to get back to her, but she also knows her sister (Jenny) can take care of herself. They've never been super close.
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 Name: Lethe Armington District: 2 Age: 16 District Token: Lethe has a pet hagedis named Todo that s
een jaar geleden Grrrrr said…
Danny left his room to find Maddie. He wasn't going to be super embarassed, it was an accident, and he would just try to forget it. In his mind he was already playing the games, and had been since he said hi to maddie.

Pain's eyes turned glassy and tired. She squeezed her eyes shut and snapped them back open. They were clear blue again. She blushed at Nick. How was she ever going to kill him?
een jaar geleden sam7b said…
Lethe walked into the building, gliding her hand along the railing as she stepped down oak stairs and into the main hall. There were a few different paths that branched off, with signs that spoke where the hallways led. She was trying to decide where to go, when her district escort, Janie Monroe, appeared in front of her. Janie had bright purple hair and pink eyes, with whiter skin than a corpse. "Why hello, deary!" Her voice chimed out like a bell. "Let's show you to your room, why don't we?" Lethe gave her a fake smile and sarcastically said, "Yes! What a fun idea!" Right after she finished talking, the happy expression dropped her face and she rolled her eyes. However, she followed Janie up a different flight of stairs anyway, anticipating what her room might be like. Passing through the hall she saw a boy and a girl, obviously from the lower districts, flirting. Lethe rolled her eyes rather pointedly, not caring if they saw her, and marveling at their stupidity. How brainless do you have to be to get attached to to someone you're inevitably going to have to kill later? Janie leaned in and whispered to her, "That's Maddie and Danny, the cute new arena couple. They're going to bring in SO MANY viewers this year!" She giggled and kept walking, but Lethe stopped and stared at them for a second. Didn't they know that they could never be together? All they could bring by being a couple was pain to each other and some thousand more viewers for the Games.

een jaar geleden sam7b said…
Addie circled her room, admiring all the beautiful things all around her. She wondered who she would meet first. Who would kill her first. Addie walked out of her room and sat in the hall, leaning against her door. She stared at the wall in front of her and let tears drip out of her eyes. She was going to die, and nothing could keep her safe anymore. Nothing.
een jaar geleden Dovemoon said…
"You alright, Pain?" Nick said, he didn't care the games were ahead of him, he had learned to accept it and treat it like another day; calmly. He can be tough when he wants to be but coming across soft had never occurred to his thoughts.

Maddie was heading towards her room, trying to forget the embarrassing moment that had just happened.
een jaar geleden sam7b said…
Lethe watched as the girl, Maddie, walked off. She would be an easy enough kill. Maddie would probably want to die anyway after her boyfriend was killed off. Janie led Lethe down the same hall that Maddie was going down, and Lethe thought this might be a good time to win over some trust. That was the hardest part of the Games- all the betrayal you had to cause. But knowing none of it was personal made things better. Lethe really didn't want to fraternize with a person from one of the lower districts, but if she made Maddie think she was this poor, pathetic thing with no skills, than Maddie wouldn't feel threatened by Lethe, and she wouldn't expect Lethe to kill her. She walked ahead of Maddie a few paces and then tripped purposefully, sprawling out on the ground in front of Maddie.

Addie breathed quietly in the hallway, wondering who she might come into contact with first. She got up and ran her hand along the wall, exploring her surroundings in a daze. She knew she would have to join an alliance eventually to survive, but she didn't know how she would. Social skills were not her best feature.
een jaar geleden Dovemoon said…
Maddie stopped abruptly. "Are you okay?" She leaned over and offered her hand to help her up.
een jaar geleden Grrrrr said…
Danny was wandering around the halls, looking for Maddie. He didn't see her and he breathed heavily. "Maddie!" he called to her.

Pain smiled weakly at Nick. "I'm great." Pain's trainer, a woman name Franny Lebaux walked into her room.
"Oh heavens, im sorry. But Pain, it's time to go downstairs." She said immpatiently and sarcastically. Pain bolter upright and followed Franny.
een jaar geleden Dovemoon said…
Maddie turned, hearing her name. She helps Lethe up and then heads off. "Danny?"

"see you later." nick said, stepping out of her way do he could follow her trainer.

I'll be back in like 5 minutes.
een jaar geleden Grrrrr said…
Danny followed the voice and saw Maddie. He smiled widely. "And look" he said "I'm wearing clothes" he laughled lightly.

Pain followed Franny until they were in the hallway. "Who was that boy. He could be a good ally." Franny said. Pain blushed lightly. But her face immidiatley hardened.
"I don't want an ally. I'll be fine." Franny rolled her eyes.
een jaar geleden Dovemoon said…
Maddie laughs lightly "Good. We don't want a repeat.."

Nick headed up to his room
een jaar geleden Grrrrr said…
"Or do we?" Danny raised his eyebrow in a funny way. He couldn't maintain this impossible character he was playing. "DANNY!" DAnny turned his head sharply. It was Marcus, his trainer. "IT'S TIME FOR TRAINING!" Danny's frace krinkled up. "Goodbye my love" he kissed Maddie quickly on the lips and ran out of the hallway.
een jaar geleden Dovemoon said…
Maddie laughed. "I'm sure... For now." she looked as his trainer "I'll see you around." When he kissed her, her cheeks got a little red.