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Jackson Kids Take on Canine Crusade

Here's a tug on the heartstrings: Michael Jackson's kids saw a sad, two-legged puppy on the news ... and now they're trying to raise money to buy it new mechanical legs.

According to sources close to the family, Jackson's oldest son Prince and daughter Paris saw the dog -- a puppy named Scooby-Roo -- on the news recently -- and were so moved they decided to help raise the $2,000 necessary to buy it a custom-made kar, winkelwagen to help it walk.

We don't know how close they are to their goal -- but seeing as they're the most famous kids on the planet, we're guessing it won't take them too long to reach it.

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 Jackson Kids Take on Canine Crusade
This is so sweet! Oh my God, they are good like their father.
CarolJackson_ posted een jaar geleden
too good and honest and caring children
DQJEU posted een jaar geleden
OMG !!! is so sweet !! they are just like Michael caring and very loving!!!
PrinceMJJ2 posted een jaar geleden
 reemany posted een jaar geleden
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TLCMichaelfan02 said:
I think that is soooooooooo sweet of them. They have their dad's heart.
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posted een jaar geleden 
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