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Please sanubis fans don't kill me but I PERSONALLY think that Sadie is going to end up with Walt only because Anubis is a god!I know u guys will say love councers anything so maybe I'm wrong but I just think that.I know Walt is dying but they are looking for a cure like Ra zei "Weasals are sick"!Anyways I just wanted to put my opinion.Don't be mad!
BTW I still don't know wheater to be a sanubis (Sadie and anubis) of a salt (haha walt and sadie) fan! Oh and also tell me what u think but again PLEASE don't be mad!!!!!!!!!!!
Sadie and Carter Kane, heroes of the Kane chronicles, have left the series leaving us with questions. I'll try to give my theories and explain my questions, plus answerring some my vrienden have told me.

Sadie and Carter gave up being hosts to gods Horus and Isis. They still have the necklaces, so will they ever take them back? In my opinion yes. Its a great temptation to power, and once before we saw that they can work very well together. They still have the charms so if they put them on, Isis and Horus would come back.
Also, there is a war coming, putting the house of life and the gods...
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