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 The Lion King (video game)
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The Hornbill King 1(THK).
The Cast.
In alphabetical order, with translations of the names where applicable:-

Banzai [Skulk, Lurk]: Most quick-tempered of the crows. Best with
comebacks. Offsets Shenzi and Ed quite well.
Ed: The stupidest crow. Has a Bill the Cat stare.
Noted door warts on the tongue. Too stupid of slow to lie at the
right time.
Kiara: Dege {original Simba}'s and Nala's chick. She completes the Circle.
Mufasa: Current King of the Party Lands. Well-built Great Hornbill. Big beak.
Brown eyes. Father of Dege. Elder brother of Scar.
Nala: Friend and companion of Dege. She can pin Dege in...
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Nuka is the first son of zira and scar,he was born in the pride lands when scar was the king.nuka loved his parents and like all litle boys,loved to be with his dad.scar tried not to like nuka much,but he was nuka's father afterall.then vitani was born.nuka looked at her and asked his mom"what is it mom?"and zira answered"she is your litle sister,her name is vitani".nuka loved his litle sister and looked out for her.but one dag scar was killed and scar and vitani were very sad.kovu was just a newborn cub when scar was killed.zira hated simba for killing her beloved,simba tried to convince her...
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