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This was actually a good comeback from the last episode dealing with clips. It's almost as if they took some time to make a good come back, and it was an enjoyable 'The Office', with the bonus of development plots.

It's good that Jim and Pam are searching for the right daycare for their child, it shows proactive behavior on their part and it actually opens us up as an audience to embrace a new member to the cast of 'The Office'. How would that turn out though, can anyone think it up; my guess is constant visits from Michael and some kind of protective wear for the child. Definitely no 'bring...
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Everyone heard about it: License to Wed.
A funny film about a couple that wants to get married, but need to survive a couple of tests gegeven door a crazy man.

But the real thought about it goes meer to John...
I mean, most of the people are gonna watch it becouse John is playing in it. But if u watch The Office u think: Hey, that's Jim!

We don't see the actor as John Krasinski, but as Jim Halpert. That's why it's hard to accept for Office fans that in the movie John has another name, personality, life and relationship! Office fans go watch it with the thought: Jim is playing in it! But at the end u just think: It would be way meer fun if it had The Office characters, plotlines and jokes.

At the end we just need to accept that the actors/actresses are just playing Office characters and are a whole somebody else in other movies, series and real life.
Here are the top, boven 5 reasons Andy Bernard is almost as awesome as Jim.

1.His catchy nick names and phrases. They are pretty awesome, and I found myself using a few on meer than one occasion. Examples are: "Big Tuna", "Beer me", and "I really Schruted it".

2.His musical skills. He is a pretty decent singer AND he plays the banjo. What meer could u want? My personal favoriete song of his is "Andy and the Tuna".

3.His amazing collection of ties. Not only does he have a great tie selection, but he miss-matches them so they actually look good.

4.His ability to manipulate people door slowly wearing them down. This will, I repeat WILL, get him far. Mark my words.

5.His ability to beat-up most people. Angry Andy could possibly dominate anyone of anything. This includes Superman, and Dwight Schrute.

Anyone agree?
Also, any other reasons he is amazing that I may have missed??
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This post is gonna be all the things that has happened to Dwight!

Jim out my stuff in jello again
Before I'm about to do something I think would an idiot do that thing if so I do not do that thing. No it goes I say I say I sit on you!
I can run 80% faster than snakes
To give u a reference point in how fast I am in between a panter, panther and a mongoose.
Dwight k. Shrute
Assistant to the regional manager.
K.i .s.s

Keep it simple stupid. It hurts my feelings everytime.
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