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posted by HecateA
His name is Craig Titley. His motives for changing the plot so much; unknown. But seriously, why?

So I will rant about it.

First off, "yeah, after 7 minuten I got bored"
The Percy-can-stay-7 minutes-underwater thing. Why 7 minutes? He could stay there for the whole day, why does he come out after seven minutes? Percy loves (adores) water!

Second off, Grover.
Grover, the sweet, shy satyr that is emotionally handicapped. How the Hades did he turn into a flirty, funny, party goat? What happened to his life long ambition of finding Pan? Hel-lo-o, Satyrs are born with horns!

Thrice, Annabeth.
I'm not...
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1. People say they like the movie because the name sounds good. Well I disagree. That's the name of the books, and the movie team stal it shamelessly!
2. People say that the actors look hot. Oh please NO THEY DON'T! They are nothing compared to the book characters! They don't even match! Annabeth isn't that old and fierce, in fact that actrees should have portrayed Clarisse La Rue! Chiron is an old wise centaur, not a funny man with a funny beard! Grover isn't black, and he has tiny horns! And the main hero? it's Percy Jackson that we want, not a copy of Harry Potter!
3. People say that the...
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Sight seeing
(Percy, Annabeth, Grover, Gladiola, Kronos voice, people)
Percy is lying in a forest, using his jas as a pillow; he’s moaning in his sleep, camera zooms into his eye, see the pit of Tartarus
Kronos: Come, come… (View Percy sleeping, moaning “no “and fidgeting)
Kronos: Come in. Come inside…
Percy: No… No…
Kronos: Come… Co…
Annabeth: Percy! (shakes him awake, Percy sits up startled)
Percy: Hmm, what?
Annabeth: It’s like, 9 in the morning, u slept in.
Percy: In from what?
Grover (voice): Yes, yes, that’s him (looks at Grover, who is sitting petting a mini roze poodle)...
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Okay, everyone on this spot either despises the idea of Percy Jackson films of just hates the one written and think it should either be banned and/or re-written. Oddsey has asked for a re-write in his/her article, so here it is folks, scene 1.

Now hear me out, Percy Jackson is a long story, some details have to be changed like were the story starts. I think I've done a better job then Craig Titley (guy in charge of the script for the movie). Without further a due, let me introduce to you, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, the Lightning Thief, the movie!

PS. grammar is not a strong point for me,...
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So, they’re making another one?

The sequel to Percy Jackson, based on the seconde Percy Jackson novel The Sea of Monsters, has reportedly been gegeven the green light door 20th Century vos, fox and may start filming as early as the summer of 2011 for a 2012 release. Chris Columbus will act as the producer along with Karen Rosenfelt. It was reported that Thor Freudenthal will direct with Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski being hired to write the script. Logan Lerman is expected to return along with the other lead cast members. - Wikipedia, Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief

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posted by percylover22
(students sit in school bus)
Nancy Bobofit-*throws chunks of belegd broodje, sandwich on Grover*
Percy Jackson-(mumbles)"im gonna kill her."
Grover Underwood-"It's okay,I like pinda butter."
*dodges sandwhich chunk*
Percy Jackson-"That's it."*starts to get up*
Grover Underwood-*pulls back*"Your already on probation."
Percy Jackson-*grumbles*
(at the museum)
Mr.Brunner(Chiron)-*rolls threw muesum and leads children*
"There are 12 Olympian Gods...."
(kids talking)
Percy Jackson-*turns around*"WOULD u SHUT UP?!
(children laugh)
Mr.Brunner(Chiron)-"Mr. Jackson,did u have a comment?"
Percy Jackson-*blushes*"N-No,sir."
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Since nobody thinks I did a completely horrible job at scene 1 and that I should be banned from Fanpop yet, I`ll risk it all with scene 2.

Scene 2
Percy, Grover, bus drivers and passengers, fates, Gabe, Sally, poker buddies, Chiron, Annabeth
Percy and Grover are on a bus
Percy –Common, school ended, u can stop the joke now!
Grover –I am being perfectly honest with you! There – has – never – been – a –Ms – Dodds –at – Yancy!
Percy –Grover, u suck at lying and it isn’t funny. Bus stops
Grover –We’re here. He and Percy get off the bus, they see the fates. They...
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Im gonna keep this short and simple THIS MOVIE WAS TERRIBLE. The cast was terrible im mean seriously why would the pick a sixteen jaar old loser and make him the coolest kids ever. The cast didnt even resemble any of the characters(exept for the girl who played annabeth she kind of reminds me of clarisse but thats a artikel for another time) They didnt shown half of the characters i wanted to see.the plot was terrible it didnt even make sense with the book.why in all of Olympus would Percy,Grover and Annabeth look for the crystals when it was a gift from Poseidon. And they completely chaged...
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I'll justify the long wait: I started school, and me and my vrienden all went to the library. Seeing I'm a reader, they ask "Hecate, what's a good book in English?". So I smile and after they tell me "not HarryPotter" I lead them to the seconde stop on the tour, the RIO section of the English novels.

So The Lightning Thief passes from hand to hand, and finally my friend Hebe (I'm going on a minor-goddess-for-names theme) checks it out. So then Persephone can't check it out in English (in French, yes, but the translations suck). So I feel sorry for her and lend her my copy. Only to figure out...
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How could they drop this scene?
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