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His tongue ran down your stomach. It sent chills up your back. It felt amazing.

His tongue went back up to your lips as he started to unclasp your bra. He got it off, and threw it across the room.

But instead of it hitting the floor with a thud…

“Not on my couch.” Darry says, bra in hand

He was standing door Pickett and Sutton just like he zei he would be. "We're early.", Dally said. "Wadaya wanna do?" It was one of the few times Johnny bothered to talk. He looked over at me with the same look he gave me yesterday. I turned my head away and started to daydream. ",man, let's get outa here." I realized that Dally was talking while I was daydreaming. I don't think they noticed though. We went over to the Dingo and talked to a couple of guys we know. While we were there two guys,a greaser and a hitchhiker, were gettin' in a fight. We left when the switchblades came out though....
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I woke up on the divan, bank I could hear the gang moving around the livingroom,I sat up and looked around the guys looked at me and smiled.I had conveineced myself that it was all a dream and that I would wake up in my own bed and this would have been a nightmare,but now that it was the secound dag I realized that it happened and it happened to me.I sighed and got up and made my way to the bathroom.I had to pee realy bad.
After that I went back into the livingroom and sat down they were looking at me funny"what?"I asked them.
"you talk in your sleep."Darry said.
"Cherry weres youe mom?"Darry...
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