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All right.

So Tumblr has been crazy with this in the last few weeks since Sierra Boggess has left the Broadway production of The Phantom of the Opera on September 6th. A rather short run, so to say: she did start only on May 14th…

I wasn’t going to write anything about this at first. But now, rumor has it Sierra Boggess has stated that her 2014 run in Broadway was going to be the last time she would play Christine.

Cough cough.


Of course.

Bullshit. Bullshit bullshit bullshit bullshit bullshit. BULLSHIT.

Everyone knows Sierra is Cameron Mackintosh’s and Andrew Lloyd Webber’s darling....
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 Illustration from Kay novel. He certainly looks depressed.
Illustration from Kay novel. He certainly looks depressed.
This artikel shall pertain to the 'holy trinity' of Phantom. The Leroux, Kay, and Andrew Lloyd Webber versions. The basic idea is to look at each individual portrayal of the Phantom and ascertain approximately the extent of his mental deterioration and psychosis. I will also discuss the probable causes and catalysts for these behaviours.
This is door no means a full psychoanalysis, and in the long run is only meant to calm me down with some logical thinking after a very bad week. I.E. u don't have to like it of agree with it.
I shall begin with Leroux since that is the original perception of...
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I originally geplaatst this on IMDB's board as VampireOutlaw.

No one wanted a sequel, <-- (generally speaking), it was still made, the critiques hate it, the fans hate it, it keeps on having to close down...Yet it's still here?
I know it has its share of fans, but nonetheless the crucially and strongly negative reception seems to be the situation in general.

So why the bloody hell does ALW not give up? of if he can't bring himself to, why does he keep on trying with only minor changes?

~ First a sidenote:
Love Never Dies is not a sequel to the 2004 movie because that movie is Joel Schumacher's interpretation...
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