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Let's see where was I? Oh yeah.......

Butch: u really think my voice was awesome?
Bc: yup!
Butch: *blushes* thanks
Bc: hehe
Butch: hehe
Bc: (stares at butch)
Butch: (stares at bc) *whispers* wow.....
Bc: (about to kiss butch, but then....)
(bubbles walks in the room and sees bc about to kiss butch)
Bubbles: OMG!!!!
Bc: huh? Oh! Ummmm didn't see u there bubbles....
Bubbles: awwwwwwww
Bc: shut up!
Bubbles: it's the same old buttercup hehe
Butch: hehe
Bc: uhhhhh hehe?
Butch: anyways.... Bc?
Bc: yeah?
Butch: can I ask ya something?
Bc: wait a sec....... hallo bubbles?
Bubbles: yeah?
Bc: DO U MIND?!?!?!?
Bubbles: oops,...
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Butch: Great then! Hehe
Bc: uhhhhh hehe
Butch: so I'll be right back (goes to the DJ and talks to him)
Bc: what the heck is Butch doing there?
Bubbles: see bc u do have a heart........for love!
Bc: W-w-were u spying on us!
Bubbles: yup hehe...... Well what song are u going to sing us?
Bc: I don't know.....hmmmmmmmm
Bubbles: how about that song u wrote for Butch called "love story"
Bubbles: eyup! Uh-Oh here comes butch (leaves)
Butch: yo bc I just told the DJ u were going to sing
Bc: oh great!
Butch: so which song are u going to sing?
Bc: I'm going to sing a song...
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(With Buttercup)
Buttercup: (crying) no one likes me they always always make fun of me. I try to be nice and nothing works....
(with the others)
Blossom: BUTTERCUP!!!!!
Bubbles: what happens if she never comes back? (starts crying)
Boomer: don't worry bubbles.
Butch: *sigh* i miss buttercup (Thinking) if I were buttercup where would I be? OFCOURSE!! She can be in the beach! (flies to the beach)
Buttercup: let's see I can live with umm brute? No no no ummm maybe umm...
Butch: how about with me
Buttercup: BUTCH!!! (hugs him)
Butch: why did u leave?
Buttercup: I don't know but I do know I should go back...
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In the powerpunks home......

Brute: (ties Bc on her bed)
Bc: (wakes up) huh?
Berserk: well well, u finally woke up!
Bc: w-w-what are u going to do with me?
Berserk: let's just say, your lungs will be a new hoofdkussen, kussen for me
Bc: your going to open my body?!?!?
Berserk: well with a mes ofcourse!
Brat: *thinking* I can't believe I kinda feel sad about Bc
Berserk: we'll be right back
Brute: yea, I needa go polish my special mes to cut u open
Berserk: we'll b back in ten minuetes (leaves)
Brute: (leaves)
Brat: (decides to hide behind her door to spy Bc)
Bc: I wake up, I see that everthing is ok, the first...
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 The Awesome Girl Squad when they were little
The Awesome Girl Squad when they were little
(The Awesome Girl Squad are in 1st grade,they are 5 years old,They and The Tough Boy Gang are freinds,they are not villians and not super heros yet,The Awesome Girl Squad's parents went on a vacation,when they were on there way home pagina on the plane,it crashed,Beetsie was the only one who knew about this,her sisters zei they abanded them but the always zei something to make them feel better)

Beetsie:-taking in her little voice-Hi guys
Beezus:Do u guys want to play tag of hop scotch?
Brutese:Lets play hop scoth!
-just as they were about to play the klok, bell rang-
Brandon:Aww,I guess we can't...
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posted by BrandiUtonium
 How I look at Brandon when were fighting
How I look at Brandon when were fighting
Im Brandi Utonium.
I'm a member of The Awesome Girl Squad.
I only wear neon purple and light purple.
I always wear my blond,long hair in a ponytail with little ribbons tying them.
My enimies are The Tough Boy Gang.
My sisters are Beezus and Beestie.
I'll be continuing The Awesome Girl Squad artikels door XxPowerPuffxX,she is my friend,but i call her sis,I told her to right The Awesome Girl Squad artikel I invented because i didn't have a Fanpop,after she published the story i made a Fanpop.
The person i like the most of The Tough Boy Gang is Brandon,Brandon is blond and wears dark blue.
Sometimes when me and my sisters are fight The Tough Boy Gang,I start to act nice and blush a little when im door Brandon.
Some of my best vrienden are The PowerPuff Girls,
Brat is kind of a nice person,if u don't get her mad,Berserk is just violent and Brute is no doubt the meanest PowerPunk,
Thats a little about me and a little about what I think about people
Let's continue with the story, shall we?.........
Note: their still in school playing outside

Blossom: well, that's the first time I see Bc acting like.....
Bubbles: who?
Blossom: you.....
Bubbles: HEY!
Blossom: I'm just saying
(Suddenly Bc walks torward blossom and bubbles)
Bc: hallo girls!
Bubbles: hi
Blossom: (slaps bc)
Bc: OWWWW! What was that for?
Blossom: nope, it didnt work
Bc: anyways I was wondering if y'all wanna play something
Blossom: like what?
Bc: tag? Ummmmm Skip? Uhhhhhh do braids in our hair?
Blossom: doesn't it sound girlish all those things to you?
Bc: not anymore
Blossom: no thanks we don't...
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Bc: oh yeah! He still loves me uh huh! (tries to dance)
Bc: oops I forgot I can't dance hehe (starts eating the chicken wings butch sent her)

Well that was a bad decision, the smell of the chicken wings attract a bear.......
Bc: wow these chicken wings are awesome!
Bear: ROAR!!!!!!!
Bc: uhhhhh do u mind? I'm eating!......... UH-OH! (tries to fly but fails)
Bear: (chasing BC) ROAR!!!!!!
Bc: (running but trips) p-p-please don't hurt me
Bear: (about to scratch her but then...)
Voice: don't hurt her..... Bad bear!
Bear: (looks back and forth)
Voice: leave her alone please!
Bc: huh?
Voice: don't worry Buttercup,...
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hallo guys I've always wished to do a powerpuff girls chats so here I go..........

Powerpuff girls (online) Rowdyruff boys (online) bubbles: hallo guys! Boomer: hallo bubbles. Buttercup looks at butch an blushes real hard, butch looks at buttercup an blushes super hard. Blossom: umm.. Buttercup why are u blushing? Buttercup: I ain't blushing egghead!!! Blossom and bubbles: oookayyyyy???
Blossom and bubbles whispers to brick and butch: guys I have a idea lets act like we're getting offline but we secretly stay in to know why butch and buttercup are blushing. Brick and boomer: great idea. Butch and...
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