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 C'mon girls! We can't let the RowdyRuff Boys win!
C'mon girls! We can't let the RowdyRuff Boys win!
NARRATOR: Ah, Townsville. A perfect place to be! If u love cold winter days, and warm summer nights, then Townsville is the perfect home pagina for you!

(Scene changes to the RowdyRuff Boys.)

BRICK: So, what do u guys feel like doing today?

BOOMER: Ooo ooo! I have an idea!!!

BRICK: Butch, got any ideas?


BUTCH: I don't, but I think Boomer does.

BRICK:*sigh* fine. Boomer, what do u think?

BOOMER: We could tick off the girls and get a decent fight!!

BRICK: Wow, that's actually a good idea! Butch, what do u think?

BUTCH: Fine with me!

(The boys fly door the PPGS house.)

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posted by ppgFireball
1 maand later...
SB: let's go.
Boomer: we need help.
SB: let's ask those boys in that club over there.
Boys: -are making goo goo eyes at them-
SB: excuse us but have u any bug-eyed blond boys lately? that look like him? -points at Boomer-
Random Boy: haven't seen them cutie.
SB: wtf?
Boomer: did he just call us-
Random Boy: u two free tonight?
SB: seriously, u okay?
Boomer: i'm scared.
SB: wait a minuut this... THIS IS A CLUB FOR LESBIAN BOYS!!!
Boomer: O_O
SB: heh heh. RUN teef RUN!!!
SB and Boomer: -run out of there-
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posted by Bell0PPGZ
 This is klok, bell
This is Bell
(The scene is at a park, where Brick is talking to
Blossom about something)

BLOSSOM: *Giggle* Why did u call me here Bricky?

BRICK:Well...... I don't know how to say this but.......

BLOSSOM:But what? u can tell me anything.

BRICK: *Sigh* I'm breaking up with you.

BLOSSOM:WHY?! *starts crying*

BRICK:It's not what your thinking!

BLOSSOM:It's that u r bad and I am good!

(Blossom runs off in the rain)

BRICK:I never loved her. She only loved me.

BRICK:I wish I had an other girl. Bubbles and
Buttercup are taken door my brothers. Where is an
other super power girl in Townsville?

(A crash happens not to far from...
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--where we were last at--
breserk:i told him to let u handle this!
blake--comes back--
blossom:oh no--runs off--
breserk:what the heck do u want!?
blake:i forgot something
breserk:which is..
blake:him--points at brick--
brick:--wakes up--
blake:--grabs brick door the wrist--
blakeLow! that hurts ya know!?!
blake:i know!
breserk:nope!!--holds blossom--
breserk:you really thought i was good?!HA!
--breserk flies off--
blossom:im all alone :'(
--with everyone except blossom--
blake:i got him --throws in cage--the cage has brat,breserk,brute,boomer,brick,butch,buttercup,and bubbles--
blake:ha! they...
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posted by awesome23
--where we were last at--
???:alrite so everyone knows the plan?!
???:we go it!
???good u ready...princess
princess:im only doin this cause u payed me!
???:wahteve just go!!
princess:fine!--walk to brick--
princess:wheres blossom?
brick:um she should be bck in bout 20 secs.
princess:good!--kisses brick--
-blossom comes back--
blossom:*gasp* BRICK I THOUGHT u LOVED ME!-runs off--
princess:well bye!
???:alrite now phase 2-walks over to where blossom is sitting--
???:hey blossom..
blossom:who are-blake?!
blossom:umm what u doin here?
blake:i wanted to apoligize..
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posted by awesome23
--where we were last at--
boomer:see..wait why is he serving blake?!
butch:hes under his spell!!!
--slaps boomer--
boomer:HEY only brick does that!
brick:--shoots laser---
butch:YOU DUMMY!
blake:hmm il let yall go for a price
butch:alrite name it!
blake:give me buttercup and bubbles!
butch:excuse me?!
blake:do u wanna be set free?
--boomer and butch look at each other and say ok---both fly off--
--with butch--
butch:i cant believe im doing this...
--knocks on door--
buttercup:he- butch?
butch:you need to come with me...NOW!
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posted by boomerlover
Narrator: So Boomer, what's it like being the cute one?

Boomer: It's fun! I get free candy and toys sometimes.

Narrator: I see. Well, if there's one thing, that is special about you, is that u are not afraid to toon who u really are.

Boomer: Uh huh. My brothers often get embarrassed door me when we are in public but they are jealous because I can be girly and manly. I'm the best of both.

Narrator: Interesting. I must ask you, explain your manly side for us?

Boomer: Well, I like to eat beetles, and... uhh... I kick butt, but for crime fighting purposes only. Hmm... and put on some of Brick's cologne...
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posted by bubbles12320
Narrator: Meanwhile.......


Boomer: Man I cant wait to see the look on Bubbles face when I give her my present!!

Brick: WHAT? That stuffed pig!? HAH!! Its trash compared to the pearl bracelat i got her!!!

Butch: FAKE pearls that is!

Brick: Oh shut up Butch!! Your just mad cuz u dont have a special girl to give a gift to!

Butch: GRR! I would if Buttercup would give me a chance!!

Brick: HAH! Good luck! That girl is harder to get to than that new game I want! HAHA!

Butch: SHUT UP! I will one day!!

Boomer: Even I know thats not gunna happen!!...
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posted by seacat243
Narrator: What a beautiful and sunshiny dag in Townsville!!!! sunshiny that is for everyone in townsville but the PowerPuff Girls...
*Blossom just arriving at the park*
???????: I love u Brick.
Brick:I love u too-
Blossom: Uh. Brick. WHO'S SHE?!?!?!?
Brick: Oh, Blossom!! Meet Berserk. She a PowerPunk Girl.
Blossom: A Power what'cha ma call it???
Brick: A PowerPunk Girl.
Berserk: *giving Blossom an evil look*
Brick: She's my new Girlfriend.
Blossom: WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!???!!? You're so mean!!!!!! I....I....I HATE YOU, BRICK!!!!!! I NEVER WANT TO SPEAK, HEAR, of SEE u EVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brick:*shrugs**Kisses Berserk on the cheek* See ya!!!
I know when Mojo created us, we were suppose to destroy the Powerpuff girls. I was all up for it. I wasn’t the strongest, I wasn’t the one who loved fighting. I didn’t care what anyone zei about me being weak, useless, and not worth anything. There was one girl who made me Boomer. that’s who I was. that’s who I am. But I am not Boomer if I don’t have the girl that I love with me. When ever she was with me, I felt stronger. Stronger than anyone.

But now, I havent seen her in 10 years. Last time I saw her, was when I was 5. Now, I am 15. We never got along. We were enemies. Well……that’s...
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posted by boomerlover
 Interview with Butch
Interview with Butch
Narrator: So Butch, being the tough one, what's it like?

Butch: Fun. I can kick butt, but I think titles are stupid. Like, who made Brick the "smart one"? I'm smart! I get a C in school. I just prefer to play video games instead of doing my homework and I am not some bookworm of some geek that studies like 100 hours a day. I always say Brick studies too much. And who made Boomer the "cute one"? I'm cute! Look at this hair sticking out of my head! Look at these facial expressions! I just don't have some stupid cutesy voice nor do I pick flowers and watch soap operas and whatever sissy stuff Boomer...
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posted by XxPowerPuffxX
The Powerpuff Girls & the Rowdyruff Boys have just finished fighting.

Bommer: I can't believe we lost again!
Butch;Since when do we ever win?
Brick:Im gonna go to the park...


Blossom is at the park on the bench reading a book.

Brcik:Dumb Powerpuff Girls always have to win,-kicks a soda can-
Blossom:-says surpised-Hi Brick
Brick:Oh great..
Blossom:Come sit with me :)
Brick sits down door Blossom

Brick:What do u want. Blossom:To talk..... Brick:Uhhh
Blossom:So,what's up Brick? -Blossom smiles- Brick:Um nothing......
-Blossom is about to kiss Brick-
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-where we were last at--
blake:dont u remember and miss your ex-girlfriends
blade:admit yall still like them
butch:i dont! what bout u boomer?!?.....boomer?
boomer:uhh ya i dont
blake:hm...ya yall do boomer tell me if u dont like them kiss brat to prove ya dont!
boomer:but i-
boomer:ok!--looks at brat and grabs her waist and kisses her but stays there--
blake:See u like her..dont you?!
boomer:fine i do!
brat:go out with evil come on!
boomer:ok :/--grabs brats hand--
blake:no u butch kiss brute!
brute:he dont have to cause i know he already likes me come on butch be mine!
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Hope u guys like these. It took me like half an uur to draw them all. Not vary hard.

commentaar PLz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I doing the boys as fast as i caN!

Thank you
thank you
thank you

Thanx people!!!!!!!!!!

Yea, It kinda looks like
Boomerlovers art.
I like his drawings!



BUTTERCUP:Hope i don't look gay!

BLAZEY:Whatever, just pose!

 Buttercup I'll be fine...
Buttercup I'll be fine...
NARRATOR: My oh my! I hope Butch will be okay!

BUTTERCUP: Guys! Fallow me!

BLOSSOM: C'mon Bubbles!

BUBBLES: Sure sure!

(They run till they find Butch struggling to get up.)



BUTTERCUP: Butch! You'll be okay! Blossom! How do we get him back to the house! Where are you're brothers? They're not helping?!

BUTCH: Buttercup, they got adopted at the pound!

BUBBLES: Boomer no!

BLOSSOM: Brick did too?!

BUTCH: Yup. I hope they'll be okay...

BUTTERCUP: They will! Don't u worry! Just please, stay. Don't leave me!

BUTCH: Buttercup, I'm not sure if I'm gonna stay of leave....
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BUTTERCUP: I am so mad right now!!!!

(Her claws stick out and she scratches the wall.)



BLOSSOM: Nothing....

(Buttercup stops and has a vision of three kids that look a lot like her and Butch. A small girl, looking to be 2 of 3, a little girl, looking to be 6 of 7, and a little boy looking the same age a the little girl.)



BUTTERCUP: I- I had a vision...

BLOSSOM: Of what?

BUTTERCUP: Oh, it's not important...

(She started trotting her little paws away. She then runs into Butch.)

BUTCH: Whoa Buttercup! A little to close there, ya' think?...
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posted by awesome23
butch:boomer...i got a question...
boomer:what it is?
butch:why are u such an idiot?
boomer:--tear-- im a blonde!
butch:so doesnt matter bubbles is a blonde and she doesnt act dumb!
boomer:i dont care! leave me alone!
--boomer storms out and hits brick--
brick:hey watc- --sees boomer crying--
boomer:im sorry jeez i make everyone mad these days --flies away to the PPGZ--
brick:alrite bro spill it what did u do!
butch:well i just asked him why he acts so dumb!
brick:you know good and well hes are little bro and were supposed to take care of him!
butch:well sorry jeez
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posted by BouncingBunny
me:yyyyyyyaaaayyy bubbles & boomer disclaimin time
bubbs and boomer:~Disclaimer~ bouncingbunny dosent own any characters from ppg of most cartoons of any actually okay were done
me:(sigh)okay good job here cookie (gives cookies)now on with the story oh n in the flash back everyone is 8yrs old
Blossoms P.O.V

flash back

As i began to fly over the remains of what was once my home pagina i looked devestatingly at the crater in the ground where it once stood speachless i droped to the ground my sisters then followed

"BLOSSOM"Bubbles wailed "who could have...
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 It's not me, it's the animal I have become!!
It's not me, it's the animal I have become!!
BLOSSOM*tearing up*: I-it's no use! Their gone! We'll never see them again!!!!!!


BUBBLES: u GUYS ARE GIVING UP?!! WIMPS!! NO MATTER WHAT IT TAKES, I'LL SAVE EM'! Getting hit door a car, pound people, e- even DYING! I WILL SAVE HIM!

(Scene changes to the boys in a cage. Butch is getting pissed. The dog in the cage volgende to them speeks.)

DOG: u dogs look weird! Dogs, u new? Pupps, I remember when I was. u dogs like being dogs? I don't I would love to be a clouded lepord, of something.... u like being a dog?

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