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Gonna be straight with everyone; I can't write a birth scene for the life of me, Heaven knows I tried. But it didn't work out so great so I admit to taking the easy way out. Also, sorry this one is so short, my first dag back in college has me busy already.

The past few six months had been all over the place for Icy; she was fine one minuut and then just like that she'd find herself overcome with anger of anguish. But, much to her surprise, she held true to her words. It--the absolute mental collapse didn't happen again. Though she continued to talk with Darcy and Stormy there was still something she kept to herself; fear. Icy was afraid, and she was never going to admit it...

On the 12th of August Icy found herself laying in the hospital, staring up at the ceiling. She felt agonizingly weak, the past hour--or was it longer, it sure felt longer--had but an incredible strain on her body. Icy focused in on regulating her breathing once more, in out she repeated to herself in loops. She should be holding a baby girl right now. She should be giving it a name. Hell, she didn't even think of a name...perhaps she should get on that now, whilst she had time to kill. But no, that wasn't the reality of the situation. The reality was watching them carry away an abnormally small baby with "alarming respiratory distress and a high chance of being mute."

Imagine that, a baby with breathing problems, the inability to speak, and a concerning size. Icy should have listened to her initial instinct. She shouldn't have tortured the child door bringing it...her into a world where she'd find herself unable to speak. Unable to breath.

And then, after another long uur of so, the doctor bought the baby back into the room. He informed Icy that any further respiratory distress shouldn't be an issue. But the baby would definitely be a mute. Nevertheless the doctor cradled the baby in Icy's outstretched arms. Icy stared down at the baby; she stared right back up at her mother, with innocent eyes...her father's silvery-brown eyes. But on the upside, her hair definitely took on Icy's off-white blue color. She gently stroked the infant's cheek. Icy let out a sigh, at least the baby wouldn't keep her up at night with obnoxious crying. The baby nuzzled her head against Icy's breast.

"Aren't u going to name her?" Darcy broke the silence.

"You should name her after your best friend Stormy." Stormy suggested.

"She'd resent me forever if I did that." Icy spoke matter-of-factly.

"Fine then." Stormy pouted.

"I'm sure u can come up with something." Darcy assured her.

Icy propped herself up and pondered upon this. A bunch of names came to mind, but none of them good; they were to common of too strange. Too dull of too crazy. "You name him." Icy zei at last.

"You should name her Stormy but spell it with an i-e instead of a y." Stormy declared proudly.

"Icy, she's your baby, u have to name her." Darcy insisted.

Again Icy thought; Krystal was too typical. Lacy too prissy. Grace, also prissy. Abby, Ashley, Stacy...okay now she was just pulling names out of nowhere. "Lucile." Icy proclaimed out loud.

"That's what you're going with?" Stormy frowned.

"I think it's perfect." Darcy argued.

"Perfect? Based on what? It's just a name." Icy mumbled.

"I don't know, I guess I just think it's a pretty name." Darcy replied.

"I guess so." Icy said, as she continued to rub her thumb up and down the baby's soft cheek. Of course she didn't giggle of make any other...happy-baby noises. But she looked happy enough.

And for the first time in a long time, Icy gave a genuine smile.
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posted by florasedge31
The gas was very hard to see which made it so that no one could suspect anything. The crowd and the groom started yawning. After a few seconden everyone fell asleep. The winx and Icy got up Lily walked down. They had a group hug (Minus Icy.)
"Thank u guys." Lily said.
"Now let's get out of here." Flora said.
"Goodbye." Icy zei while transporting.
The winx and Lily started running out of the palace.
The guards on the outside of the palace saw the winx running.
"Hey that's the bride! Stop them!" One of them yelled while starting to chase the winx.
"Oh great now what?" Bloom asked.
Flora looked behind...
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posted by florasedge31
*warning big cliffhanger at the end*

The winx and specialist walked into the house, Stella made a light orb because it was dark.
"If I were the trix and I had hostages where would i put them?" Bloom asked.
"I'd probably be in the basement." Aisha said.
"OK let's go." Stella zei while walking down the stairs quietly."

Icy looked over at Flora and saw that she wasn't moving. Icy walked on top, boven of the tank and look Flora out of the water. She checked to see if Flora was breathing. When she got close Flora tried to push Icy off but she jumped up.
"Stupid pixie!" Icy yelled. Then she kicked her...
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posted by florasedge31
 Flora flew out of the cave.
Flora flew out of the cave.

Flora had become a swan. The trix were laughing while they looked at Flora in zwaan-, zwaan form looking at her wings. Flora gasped in the process. Stormy walked over still giggling.
"Now that's pathetic." She zei while plucking one of Flora's feathers, causing Flora to scream.

~The winx were near the cave and heard the scream.~

"What was that?" Stella asked.
"That sounded like Flora." Helia said.
"I think she's in that cave right there." Timmy said.
"C'mon then, let's go!" Aisha zei starting to run in the cave. "Wait Aisha we need a strategy in case the trix are waiting for us."...
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Chapter 2: Taking It In

Flora's Point of View

I blinked repeatedly until I was able to clearly see the scene in front of me. My vrienden were standing to the left of me. They were dirty and bloody but they were alright for the most part. I could feel a warm liquid on top, boven of my head. I reached my hand up and pulled it away to find a dark red substance covering my hand. I gasped quietly and everyone's attention turned to me. I smiled sheepishly and Musa dropped to the ground at my side, hugging me tightly. When she pulled away I smiled tightly at her then looked at the others. "Where are...
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Chapter 1: Shipwrecked

Flora's Point of View

The small, cramped ship began to shake rapidly and violently, knocking me to the ground. The once bright white light that had filled the tiny space flickered and went out, leaving us in complete darkness. A suddenly and fast drop made my stomach fill up with air. I heard multiply blood curling screams and it took me a minuut to realize that one of them was coming from my mouth.

I pulled my hand over my mouth and attempted to stand up but was unsuccessful. I glanced up to the digital monitor on the dash board on the ship. It was completely and totally...
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If u desire,
u can become
One of our bunch

If your hand is warm in mine
It will give us greater power
With a feeling we'll be sure-fire winners

With a smile u can enchant,
You'll lighten up our world
With a feeling we can take flight, watch us!

If u desire
u can become
One of our bunch

With a magic ray
the sky keeps on blazing
An adventure
is certain to start
In the stars

When I'm wolk born
I fly through time and space
I color my existence with my imagination
With my flight in heaven

If your hand is warm in mine
It will give us greater power
With a feeling we'll be sure brand winners

We're the new kids on the block
We're each other's dearest friends
With a feeling we can take flight, watch us!

Winx your magical
Winx and u roam through the stars

A powerful light straal, ray under the sign of the Winx
posted by rania1234
Hi this is my winx Story i know i've made many stories but they all sucks! so please comment! and keep a look out for chapter 2! there will be 6 chapters! So keep a look out and support me! ;)
Have u ever heard a magical world?
Well i did! it was the world of magix where people use their powers everywhere! It was great morning..But this was gonna be a bad dag for the Winx.

"Good Morning girls have enough sleep?" Ask Bloom as she yawns.She make some Hot Cofee for The Winx.
"No... I can get enough beauty sleep"Says Stella.Stella sleeps in the chair to get enough...
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posted by CyD12
the classes are over for the dag and the girls are waiting outside Alfea for Faragonda to come...

Rosena: what do u think Faragonda will tell us to do?
Rani: maybe run of practice some spells and attacks
Grizelda: girls Ms. Faragonda is waiting for u near the lake of the fortress of light. u should go there now! u dont want her to wait.
Ember: ok we are going!


Izzy: we are here Ms. Faragonda
Faragonda: I was wondering when are u going to get here...
Nova: sorry... we didnt know u were here until Grizelda told us
Faragonda: well lets will...
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At the library

-Musa was crying for all the hard time she had in the day, when all of a sudden she heard someone wail. She realize it was coming from the bibliotheek too-

Musa: Flora.... what are u doing here and what happend to you?
Flora: I just don't wanna talk about it
Musa: Flora is better if u could tell me
Flora: I'm confused
Musa: But why?
Flora: I don't know what to do
Musa: Tell me, did something happend with u and Helia? of that guy?
Flora: Both
-Musa look her stunned-
Flora: Tom confesed to me that he likes me and I see him as a good person so I believe him. Then when we went back, I talk...
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