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 Bloom: Glam and Glitter Fashion
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I really like all the transformations, but this is my top, boven five.

1. Sirenix

So I saw many Sirenix haters, but what's the problem with Sirenix? It's really beautiful. I like the hairstyles and I also like how their hair get highlights. I might hate the pants which make them look like athletics, but it looks beautiful like rainbows. I like the accessories on Aisha/Layla's Sirenix, the 3D is really hated door me because they look like Barbie dolls! But what's the problem with Sirenix?! Fellow Sirenix...
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Layla walked inside and quickly slammed the door behind her.

"It's gotten worse." Darcy said.

"What has?" Icy asked.

"The vessel." Darcy answered.

"I thought u zei it wasn't as dark." Icy glanced up.

"I was wrong." Darcy practically whispered.

"How wrong?" Icy questioned.

"I can't get it out of her. I, I'm usually always able to get them to leave. But this one. This one latched on tight." Darcy led the other witch up the stairs.

Musa lie face up on the bed, her body covered in lashes, cuts, bruises, and punctures.

"She did most of it herself." Darcy pointed out. "I tried getting a real exorcist....
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I will be posting a lot of my fanfics this weekend because the 2/14-15/2014 is competition and then on 2/16 I'm going to see the ballet. So for not being active volgende weekend I'm going to post a lot this weekend. Side note this chapter was emotional to write because the song Turning Tables door Adele was a lyrical piece at my studio last season where the summer camp prior to the season all 8 of us were told we would be one big company but when the season came around I wasn't a part of that group anymore because their was this one leap I still cannot get. In the end thins were fine but this song...
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Julien POV

I looked over Autumn as she lay still on the ground. I felt dizzy as the whole world went black.


What... What just happened? I lean on the uithangbord as I try to collect myself before I try to collect myself before i explode. Autumn can't be dead. She can't die! I won't let it happen. Helia was shaking as he picked up Autumn, and I could tell that he was trying to withstand all of his emotions as well. As I walked over to Julien and hoisted him up, putting his arm around my shoulder and dragging him to the ship, I felt numb. I guess it hadn't yet sank in that the love of my life was...
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vorige Chapter: Flora got to her house after being accompanied door Karel. Rose gave her bad news about what was going on on Linphea that she didn't knew. Her mission? Investigate and discover what the werewolf really wants. The volgende morning she was going to the town of may I now say village (sorry, that was the word I was looking for, not town) but someone appeared behind her. Who could it be?

When Flora turned to look, it was her friend from Andros, Layla, and her bonded pixie Chatta. Flora looked at them with a surprising look, she didn't know why they were there. She hugged tightly the...
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