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Left Alone
Raising her hands she zei “Just shut the hell up! I have listened enough to your bullshit! Why can’t u just listen to your parents once?” her voice was so loud that even neighbours could listen it, it wasn’t a new thing for Musa, she was used to it. “I am not a kid anymore mom, why don’t u get it? I love muziek and I can’t leave it and what’s the problem in it? I am doing and always did whatever hell u asked me, actually u never asked, u ordered me to do.” With big shocked eyes her mom was staring her, she was about to say something when Musa cut her...
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"Now what?" Stella asked. "I so don't like this forest."

"Now, we get out of here!" Musa mumbled.

"We can't just leave her." Layla pointed to Icy.

"I'm sure she can figure her own way out." Tecna decided.

"Yeah, but we can't." Musa pointed out.

Bloom ignited a small brand in her palm. A slight breeze rustled the forest threatening to blow it out. "Someone carry Icy."

"Don't." Icy lifted a hand in protest. "I'm fine."

"You just fell over you're not..." Bloom started.

"We don't have time to discuss this." Icy hissed. "Let's go."

"What do u mean we don't have time." Layla asked.

The witch didn't answer.She...
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