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posted by Gretsel
 Flora's plant
Flora's plant
Morning in Alfea...
(the girls(exept Stella and Flora) are sitting in the sofa when....)
Flora:Oh,no....come back!!!!!(one big plant jumps in Stella's room)
(all they run in Stella's room except stella and flora because they are already in the room)
Stella:Flora!!!!!!What is that thing which is eating my cllllooo0ooothhhheeeesss????!!!!!!!!!
Flora:Oh,I'm sorry Stella:-( i do un experiment....and i try to give to some plants the ability to talk and to think but that plant is out of control.....
Stella:(cries)oh my god!!!!my beutiful t-shirt...
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posted by Alifya
Here are basic skin care secrets everyone should know!!

Apple Mask(For Normal Skin)

Needed Things:
An appel, apple (cored and quartered)
2 tsp honey

Method: Take a blender of a food processor and chop the pieces of appel, apple in it. Mix the honey and put it in refrigerator for at least 10 minutes. Apply the mixture to your face with the tapping motion. Tap the area until the honey feels tacky. Leave it for 30 minuten and rinse it off with cool water.

Banana Mask:
Needed Things:
1 ripe banana
1 tbsp. all natural honey
4 tbsp ground oats
Mineral water
1 cucumber

Method:Mash the ripe banaan until it has a smooth texture....
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Hi everyone! :) Todays kwis is all about style: Each winx girl has their own distintive one, but which one matches yours? enjoy, please commentaar and rate! :)

Q1. What are u most likely to wear on your average saturday going to a cafe with friends?
A. Some casual, jeans and top, boven with just a few acessorys....Nothing that itches of is too tight...Usually. ;)
B. A designer top, boven and mini skirt, with that LUSH bag u were saving with your haired brushed, conditioned, shampooed, combed, lots of accessorys and all the latest makeup with some cool socks and....Um, a few hundred other things... ;)
C. As...
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posted by tslol99
Stella just found out she has a sister

Stella: My WHAT!!!
Stella:s mom: Your sister she is going to Alfea volgende year
Stella: volgende YEAR
Stella's mom: Guys give us a sec please u can get t know Cassie Cassie y don't u toon them your room
Musa: Ok come on Cassie right
Cassie: Yes

the others leave Stella and her mother with and go into Cassie's room

Brandon: Sooo Cassie aaahhhhh what do u like to do
Cassie: I like to read write walk my cat FB
Tecna: What does that stand for
Cassie: bloem Bloom
(everyone looks at Flora and Bloom both girls blush)
I know but I named her that before I even heard of Bloom
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 Least favoriete
Least Favorite
So I just realized I never geplaatst this and the enquête series ended a while geleden so sorry for the delay on this one. Also remember this is my opinion and fellow fanpoppers so let's not have any hate of call someone's opinion out just because it's different. thank you. Also the commentaren I include are those of who voted for the transformation that was eliminated that round.
Round 1: Sophix
Sophix was eliminated in the first round with 47% of the votes. Honestly no surprise here for a lot of fans. Probably because this transformation was used for...
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hallo there winxies it's Meeka yet again with another Meeka's Take article.
Today I will be doing my Take on the Pixies and the Selkies.

What are Pixies?
Pixies were introduced in Season 2 when Layla/Aisha was trying to rescue them. The winx bonded with them. The Pixies are basically like mini fairies.
Aisha/Layla- Piff

What are Selkies?
Selkies were introduced during season 5 when they traveled throughout the Magic dimension big bodies of water. Along their journey the winx bonded with Selkies. They are like mini mermaids.
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posted by crystal_winx
these are all the reasons i dont like wind nut i love it

1. In season 4 Musa loses the tomboy part of her personality. she doesn't have that swag anymore and wtf happened to her hair? she used to have pigtails and all of a sudden her hair is just down

2. Flora's outfit gets way too ugly. i mean seriously an like high ponytail with a bow is like what 8 jaar old girls wear my sister's an eight jaar old

3. Stella gets way to serious. she used to be funny and have a little bit of an accent but starting season three she just went no. i mean uh she like doesnt make as many jokes.

4. 1 word Roxy. Shes...
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