Trainz Characters In Real Life pas aan - Exit historical view

I want to share some videos with you of characters I created for Trainz in real life. Now the youtube video embeder is broken, so I have to post the video link on here instead. First up, Ethan, Black River & Western 8142: You gotta love that horn of his.

Up next, Jessica, Nickel Plate Road 765: I think Norfolk Southern had her use the Norfolk & Western auxiliary tender, because of a merger in 1964. The Nickel Plate Road, and Wabash joined the N&W. Mily makes a cameo appearance towards the end.

Sean, the Amtrak F40PH: Though Sean's number is 338, he is no different from any of these other engines. He has the same looks, and power every other F40 possesses. His horn sounds just like 273's.

UP next, Jerry, a UP diesel: Jerry is ES44AC 5254. Sadly, you don't get to see much of him.

Jesse is another Union Pacific engine. He is the MKT heritage unit: 

Here is the kind, cheerful, and beautiful Mily, Reading & Northern 425: Whether she's in her currently livery, or the one she wore from 2008 to 2014, Mily looks very good in blue.

Another engine running backwards, Ian, Reading & Northern 5049: Just like Jerry, Ian once worked on the Union Pacific. He was first built in 1984. The only difference between Ian, and Jerry's video is that Ian's is longer, and is not filmed at a frame rate that makes it look like he's going too fast. It's too bad Ian doesn't have the glory that 5017 has.

Ian: Hey! I've been the front engine a few times!

Uh-huh. Sure. And now it's time to see Marisa, Union Pacific 844: She seems to enjoy having those diesels with her.

Time for another star from the west coast, Holly: Santa Fe's 3751. She's doing a special fundraiser in Los Angeles, with two more famous locomotives from Amtrak.

Up next is Zoe: She's a cartoon engine, but she's still famous in her own right. Let's be honest too, this is funny. Without a doubt, one of the greatest Disney cartoons ever.

This video shows Tillie & Georgia who work on the Mossberg Narrow Gauge Railway: There's another engine called Natalia, but she's just a black version of Georgia, with a light brown face. You can see both her, and Georgia in episode 76: 

More characters will be here soon.