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posted by theway___
I don't understand why people think that bullying satisfies them. So, people dying right before your eyes doesn't make u feel at least sorry? Hearing that people are cutting, doesn't make u concerned? And, have u ever thought about how u would be treated if that were you? Well, I guess not.

People keep saying that bullying needs to stop, but, In reality, you're sitting on your butt wondering when a fairy will just come and spin her wand and BAM! Bullying has never existed.
Yeah, it's happened in all of our dreams.

But I am seriously done with people hurting others and I'm sick of the bullies. No one deserves to be hated on, ignored. Why not take a stand? What if the victim was you?
posted by theway___
Liam: Hey, Harry! Take a look at this.

Harry: Sure. *looks* Whoa, it's a girl. And?

Liam: And she lives in England - and she's the one who won our contest to come and see us perform and meet us backstage!

Harry: Awesome! She's really pretty.

Liam: Yeah *smiling*

Harry: Too bad u have Danielle, right? *curious*

Liam: *scratching back of his head* Um, yeah.... about that...

Harry: Uh-oh.

Liam: Well, Danielle and I have been having a lot of problems lately. I wish we were meer like Eleanor and Lou

Harry: Can't blame u there. Taylor was just a slut to me and just ran off for her 50th boyfriend...
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