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Recently, on ABC’s ‘LIVE! with Kelly’, Daniel Radcliffe has revealed the fact that he has Girls Generation’s album and he also chose Tiffany as the prettiest member.
The truth is that during the ‘Woman In Black’ movie premiere, a Korean staff gave Daniel Radcliffe Girls’ Generation’s album. Receiving the gift, Daniel zei with a bright smile, “Thank u very much. Even though I don’t know K-Pop well, after seeing the album, I think I want to know more,” and showed his liking for Girls’ Generation.

He picked Tiffany as the prettiest member of the group but after looking at the album closely, he zei that Taeyeon is as pretty as Tiffany. It is zei that Daniel Radcliffe reacted just like any other boys of his age.

She is sooo beautiful <3 The zwaan-, zwaan lake song is so nice ^^
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