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Is it true that Yoshimra killed his lover, Ukina?

I have a hunch he killed her when I read the manga, but the anime portrays it that he didn't. Does anyone know for sure?

 Addika4045 posted een jaar geleden
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yandeguire-kun said:
yes ... he did it ....his real name is Kuzen ..... one dag while ordering a coffee in a cafe he usually frequented, he met a human woman named Ukina. Despite being a solitary person, Kuzen gradually grew closer to Ukina as he frequented the cafe, opening himself to her that he otherwise would not with other people.

Kuzen and Ukina, with Eto.
At some point, Ukina was able to find out Kuzen's true identity. Kuzen contemplated killing her but Ukina embraced him and saw how lonely his life had been. This event deepened Kuzen's love for Ukina and the two became lovers. Ukina was eventually pregnant with Kuzen's child. Kuzen wanted to have the child, but he knew that the odds of a human-ghoul hybrid surviving pregnancy was extremely low because the child would starve to death within the womb. Kuzen frankly informed Ukina about this and that a "miracle" was needed in order for their child to survive. Throughout Ukina's pregnancy, Kuzen observed her eating human meat. This helped increase the child's survival rate and eventually lived to survive birth.

As Kuzen and Ukina lived together raising their child, Kuzen noticed Ukina's diary and discovered that Ukina was not a waitress but a journalist who was chasing V and discovered many of their secrets. Both Kuzen and Ukina were not aware of each other affiliations and met door chance. V eventually discovered their relationship and ordered Kuzen to kill Ukina in order to protect themselves. Since the organization was too strong to oppose, Kuzen sadly killed Ukina.
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posted een jaar geleden 
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