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!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! COURTNEY'S BACK...plz leave no mean comments...I SERIOUSLY PROMISE u PEEPS I WILL POST IT HERE WHEN IT GOES ON YOUTUBE HAVE FUN WATCHIN THE EPISODE BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I dont like how people r all like omg duncan is cheeting on courtney with gwen of omg gwen and duncan r 2gether.I dont think they r ok so wat they hugged in an episode so wat, mall goth and punk have a conection like brother and sister, i mean the guy has pic of courtney under his hoofdkussen, kussen i really dout that duncan will dump courtney 4 gwen, i realy think that duncan and gwen r just vrienden ok so people can stop the friking gwen and duncan tributes trust me they r not 2gether, eaven gwen zei so on tda after math, so people just give it a break duncan and gwen r just vrienden and duncan and courtney r 2gether i this is wat i feel but u know if u feel like o wat ever, u ca think that but this is wat i think so.
out. :)
The 12 campers chosen for the third season of Total Drama Island step out of the bus, which happens to be a school bus to find a school-yard like place. They're greeted door Chris, Chef Hatchet, and some new interns. "Welcome campers, to the third season of TDI, Total Drama Highschool, TDH! You'll be spending the volgende 8 weeks at this abandoned uh... used-to-be schoolyard!" Chris says, then laughs. He glances around at all the castmates (Duncan, Courtney, Gwen, Bridgette, Trent, DJ, Owen, Leshawna, Heather, Harold, Geoff, and Justin.), and as he does so, he trie to hide another giggle. "Well,...
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Total Drama Action is the seconde season of the animated reality show, Total Drama Island. 15 contestants from TDI and Chris and Chef will be returning. This time, campers will take the "Red Carpet Walk Of Shame," and ride the "Limo of Losers" Those who stay recieve little trophies. I know for sure that Gwen, Justin, Beth, and Owen are NOT the first one eliminated, because on the seconde TDA trailer it shows them getting the little awards that take the place of marshmellows. This time the contestents compete for $1,000,000. Image what they would do to get it, after seeing what they did to get only $100,000. 15 contesents. 6 weeks of fun. 1 heck lot of cash. All on TOTAL DRAMA ACTION!!!
15 "Million Dollar Babies" September 17, 2009 September 13, 2009
The 8 remaining castmates need to compete in the sports film.

16 "Dial M For Merger" September 24, 2009 September 24, 2009
The 7 remaining castmates need to compete in the murder film.

17 "The Almost Wedding Ruiners" October 1, 2009 October 1, 2009
The 7 remaining castmates need to do a wedding-themed film.

18 (Aftermath 3) "The Owen Side of Heaven" October 8 , 2009 October 8 , 2009
Geoff and Bridgette talk about Owen's time on TDI and TDA.

19 "A Million Dollars Band" October 15, 2009 October 15, 2009
The 6 remaining castmates(plus an other unqualified castmate from last season debuts, because of Courtney's new rules, but doesn't return) need to do a band themed film.

20 "Dawn Of The Losers" October 22, 2009 October 22, 2009
The six remaining castmates must survive a zombie themed movie. (The Zombies are all the losers the series has ever had)
Geoff : nobody. Bridgette : nobody. Explosivo : Duncan due to dancing good. Trent: Duncan due to answering his vraag funny. Gwen : Duncan due to answering her vraag good. D.J : Beth due to answering his vraag right saving both the dandilions and the flowers. Owen : Duncan due to eating less in the eat off of vedgetables. Heather :Duncan i just guessed. Leshawna : Beth due to having a good answer to her vraag and Duncan possibly lied about his answer. Justin : Beth due to saying he's still hot plus Duncan zei his answer [ the same thing ] kinda weery. Lindsay : Beth due to admitting it. Harold : Beth due to having a good imagination. Courtney : did not have to ask a vraag due to time running out. she possibly voted for her x boyfriend Duncan.
Back at home pagina base, Chris sat waiting. Everyone else did, too.
Um. Uh.
"What are u guys doing together?" Heather zei with a smirk.
Uh. "Um..."
Gwen saved me. Us, I mean. "Is it such a big deal to have two people come the same way, at the same time?" She shook her head. "No. And why shouldn't it be these two?"
Uh. Leshawna smiled. "On a date, were you?"
"No!!!" I yelled. Duncan was making a weird face. But it was still cute.
"Awwww, that is so sweet! Right, Beth?" Lindsay squealed. "They're going out together!"
"Yeah!!!" Beth smiled at me. I jerked back.
Um, hello? I just zei we weren't....
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En ese momento Duncan baja del segundo piso con Sunny, y antes le había avisado a Ezequiel lo que había pasado.
Al ver que todos iban hacia Courtney, dijo:- si lo que ustedes están pensando, es despertar a mi princesa, mejor piénselo 2 veces.
Hetder: la necesitamos, con su ayuda podemos librarnos de ir a la isla.
Duncan: si la despiertan, se la verán conmigo, ella necesita este descanso
Eva: nosotros no tenemos la culpa que ella tenga que hacerse cargo de 6 demonios.
Duncan: ¿que dijiste?
Eva: lo que escuchaste, ella esta así porque ustedes son una carga, tanto tu como los 5 demonios.
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(Audience Cheering)
soxfan89:And We're Back Here At Radio City muziek Hall Celebrating 1200 fans In The Total Drama Action fan Club. Next, We're Interviewing The Voice Of Duncan On TDA. Please Welcome, Drew Nelson!
(Audience Cheering and Clapping)
Drew:Hey, soxfn89! How's It Going?
soxfan89:Drew, My Man! It's So Good To Have u Here On This Special Night.
Drew:I Look Really Sharp-Dressed.
soxfan89:Yes, u Do!
Drew:Of Course, It's The Same Tuxedo I Wore On Prom Night.
soxfan89:Interesting. Well, Tell Us About How Total Drama Action Really Made u Who u Are Today!
Drew:Well, I Was Selected As Duncan's...
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(Sorry to everyone for this, but I decided that except for Geoff, Leshawna, and whoever else was voted off, every camper that got voted off in the original series is voted off. Except, Gwen came back.) And… change of teams. As usual, the original teams are the teams for this. It’s too hard to remember.

I was in a weird place that looked exactly like a bank. A studio, I noticed.
“Kiyurie, you’ll have to wear this.” Chris tossed a blonde wig at me.
I smirked at it. “Uh… why?”
“Be-CAUSE,” He started, “You’ll be the bank teller for this challenge. And we don’t want anyone...
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