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I do not own total drama island,if I did Noah would win all three seasons :P
Anyways lets do this btw my OC is Brandy

So here we go I promise to write meer later :D

Protologue(or however u spell it)
"Who the hell is it its three in the morning!"
"Guess who?"
"I find it hilaroius! Anyways,its 1 am in hawaii"
"Well in Chicago its 3 AM!"
"Anyways I have to ask something?"
"No my refridgerator isn't running,there is no Seymore Buttes here and no,I do not have Prince Albert in a can.."
"Not that! I was going to ask,beth can't make it for...
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*Hey guys liagirl123 here, I know this is early but I thought that I get some of this done with the people that wanted to kom bij and for those that want to kom bij then I can add u guys meer and meer into the story*

Lia's P.O.V
Man I can't believe I'm already a 9th grader. Seriously a NINTH GRADER!!! "You ready for your first dag honey" Oh my mother... She can be so over protective "Yes mom I'm fine stop being so protective" "I'm sorry your just growing up so fast" My mother zei sobbing "Mother please I got to go" I open the car door and headed into Total Drama High "Man this place is big" I muttered...
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