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Matthews would be a bit deeper same with chip *chip america the guy with google maps matthew england green outfit
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I know. I'm bad! x3
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hallo everyone I know today is not Saturday but I had this done early so I decided to post it up. But after this episode TD:HSR will be geplaatst on Saturdays
(Theme song plays)

(The group is hanging out on the school parking lot door Lia's Mustang)

Eli: Seriously guys we should have Muse as our band
Lia: And how would we get the money?
Eli: Oh come on your flipping rich
Francis: But she aint that rich
Carlos: Guys what should our first dance be
Eli: We should have it
Francis, Noah, Lia. Carlos. and Jordan: WE ARNT HAVING IT MUSE!!!!!!
Eli: I was going...
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Grace's Pov
We arrived back on earth when is was dark. We couldn't arrive in the day, y'know the whole wings thing would be awkward. Anyway I suppose this is where I explain which one of us has which role so here they are:
Yasmin: Thinker
Miranda: fighter
Riley: Fighter/healer
Dayton: Thinker
Veto: Healer
Overall it's a pretty good team. And riley wanted to be both fighter and healer for some reason...Anyhow, we got to earth safetly and managed to hide our wings (They can sort of disappear and then appear when we need them) And made our...
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mirandas pov

'i know but what was i supposed to say?' i asked my friend rochelle while carefully applaying black lipstick to my lips. The only night when i EER wear black lipstick. Haloween.

'anything but "get the hell out!"' rochelle zei laughing. this was yet annother conversation about yet another one of my ex boyfriends.

I may quite literally be sick of boys. But im not done flirting yet. i smiled to myself and began putting eyeliner on. 'well sorreee but i did tell him not to come after the break up' i replied looking in the mirror as not to smudge.

' miranda please he was only apologysing....
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The ambulances and paramedics were surrounding the boathouse. A body bag was seen being carried into one of the ambulances. Most likely, the rest of Harold’s body. His mother was seen crying as his father held onto her, crying as well as they couldn’t even stand to watch the ambulance as it drove off. Gwen and Duncan sat on a log as Gwen held her face in her hands, she was getting deathly afraid of the events happening to her, 3 deaths, weird premonitions, this dark, eerie feeling that seemed to follow her no matter where she went…strange.

“You want to go home?” Duncan asks her as...
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'Really though! I can't believe that tonio finally goes out with Lovi!! They're so adorable' I gushed to my friend Paige. She grinned and nodded. We walked down the school halls talking about random topics before stopping infront of english to get maddie from her class. Afterwards we went to art. Mainly for me since I love art but maddie likes drawing skittles. We sat down in the empty class, as it was lunch but we were always allowed in here. I immiadlatley got the paper and pencils before starting to draw. I just drew random things like a little turtle. I have a pet schildpad called speedy....
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sighing I sent a text to the rest of the group and set off towards the gardens. I had to walk unfortunatley as my wings were killing me, so it took me longer to get there than most of the others.

When I arrived I noticed that Yasmin, Jinx, Jake, Sayu,Boxxy, Maddie and Miranda were already there. Riley, Dayton and Veto had yet to arrive. I glanced at Sayu 'Shouldn't Riley be with you? She usually is.'
Sayu smiled lightly 'Nah, she only sticks with me when she gets bored...' I nodded and took my phone out, that was a bad verplaats as immiadlatley I was knocked backwards to the floor door a flash of blue...
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