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Bryce: I'm so sorry for misbehaving in your class miss teacher lady.

Joey:Ugh, running? AGAIN?!?

Leah:Oh no! I broke a freaking nail!

Cody:Hey. Do u think u could hook me up with that hot chick?

Hayley:Do my shoes match my purse?

Lilly: Guys are so freaking dreamy!

Candice(Minor TD OC): I love running! I do it everyday!

Terra(Minor TD OC): Sports are so lame. I can't believe guys like them...

Roxie(New OC. Pic made door ObsessedTDIgirl): I'm so dirty. Who cares! I love the outdoors!

Joey: Captain is the lamest Marvel Hero ever!

Bryce:I just won a fluffy pony in my Polly Pocket game! FTW!! ^^

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Chris: Wassup mutha fuckers and bitches! And welcome to season two of Total Drama The Movies! :D

Liam(The Chef): Language!

Chris: Your no fun. T.T ANYWAYS! *blows up*

Liam: O.o

Boxxy: *pops up* HAI GUYS!! As u know I am Boxxy! And I will be your host for Total Drama The Movies!! *giggles*

Liam: Oh lord...

Boxxy: I was almost the winner in last years' show, but it was never finished.......*sniffles*

Liam: Are u okay?

Boxxy: Huh? *stops crying* OF COURSE! I'm fine! :DD Now team to meet our newbies! First up is.. A-Adri-Adri--

Liam: Adriana!

Boxxy: No need to be pushy.. Adriana Lopez!

Adriana: *walks...
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I'm just gonna put the MAIN parts that are in episode one. So it won't be long :D

Chris: Hello viewers. And welcome to.....Total. Drama. Spy Mission! The hot new toon blowing up the charts!
Chef: Shut up and toon the campers.
Chris: -.- fine... And the campers are....--

*Next Part*

Cody: *throws a smoke screen and grabs Ryan* Come on. We gotta go!
Ryan: But......... *looks down at his leg*
Cody:Shit!! They got u in the leg..
*smoke clears up*
???: There u two are!
Ryan: What are we going to do?

*Next Part*

???: *fighting with Amelia and Stevie*
Stevie:Hurry it up Bryce!
Amelia: We can't hold him off...
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Bryce's P.O.V.

One dag I just walked into the school cafeteria. And there she was. Sitting at a tafel, tabel all alone with her brow hair flowing in the wind.

Joey:But we were inside. There was no wind......

Shut up Joey! Anyway. She was sitting at a tafel, tabel all alone. She me, having a gentle nature.

Joey:Gentle Nature? Your a rebel for crying out loud! What gentle nature?

................................ D:<

Joey: I'm gonna go...*runs off*

Anyway. I decided to go over there and sit with her. I sat and introduced myself. She zei her name was Marissa. Eyes beautiful eyes were bluer than the bluest ocean!...
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